Nice coin design!


Congrats @lothendriel on the platinum coin design, nice job! Can’t wait to see it hit the streets :wink:


Thanks @k317x !! I had fun with it. I am excited for you all to see it :slight_smile: \o/


What is this?!?! Some kind of Pre-Ann?!?!


Yes this is a Teaser Announcement to announce that there will be a Pre Announcement which will lead up to an Announcement of something cool. And unlike other places, when we say cool, we mean it.


damn now I want to know more about this new shinny coin


I what one!! Shiny new coins rock.


ouch…I just hope the actual announcement comes soon.
BTC already lost 11% of its value waiting around on a hint of a pre-announcement for the announcement…
That tends to happen every time I hold any appreciable amount of BTC… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This has nothing to do with BTC or anything you can purchase. It was nice graphic design work on a very simple little project for cool stuffs, something like those poker chips but better.


I was just being a smart ass :smile:

I agree @lothendriel does fine work and is a great asset for the community with his artistic talents :+1:

Forgot to mention looking forward to seeing what it is!


@ThePeddler … D’awww … thanks man! I love what people have been letting me do here. I enjoy designing immensely.