NMC - Namecoin Discussion


So I spent a portion of the weekend really digging into the namecoin code and concepts. And the short take away was that I’m stunned that it hasn’t taken off more and have a bigger following. Now I understand lots of people are in crypto just for a quick buck, but I’m more of a person who is fascinated with the blockchain and what this type of technology means for our global future. And that’s why I was fascinated with Namecoin.

Backdrop for those who are unfamiliar with Namecoin (NMC)

  • Namecoin was really the FIRST altcoin forked off of Bitcoin http://namecoin.info/
  • The goal was to build a decentralized information registry service
  • It was built to transfer arbitrary keys and values and timestamp them into the blockchain
  • You are able to register .bit domain names (Either takes setting your DNS to http://www.opennicproject.org or using a combination of proxies/custom solutions)
  • You can store identity information into the blockchain
  • You can have notary services built into a transaction

Other Pieces of Information

I understand most of the current implementations are extremely GEEKY and not very user friendly and this is probably the chief reason Namecoin and its ideas haven’t taken off but its really encouraging to see a coin built around what the blockchain can offer and support.

Thoughts? What are other people’s experience with Namecoin?


I love the idea of it & messed with it for a while but you’re right, it’s really geeky and the user interface could be made easier for newbies.

That .bit service you mentioned was in the news just a couple of days ago wasn’t it? First addy free I believe?


I spent some time awhile back trying to understand what the point of NMC was, but wasn’t able to find more than “It’s fantastic, you should do…something with it!”.

Is there a good source of information yet? The site and wiki don’t have much to tell. :frowning:


This is where I started digging in… some of the proposed identity registration proposals



And I’ve just started digging into the forum’s “project ideas” section.


I remember playing with NMC a while ago but forgot all about it. I think it’s also merge mined with BTC on GHash.io and the features sure sound exciting. Will get the wallet to check it out again.

Thanks for sharing @wpstudio!


This coin has actually gotten me to update my computer’s DNS servers to http://www.opennicproject.org/