Not able to see my sell order in the list after a day


Hi All,

So I have listed some GHX for sale. When I first place the order I can see my order in the list.
After some time when I check again my order is no longer in the list when I search on GHX, I do still see in on my Your Orders list

GHX - 63.1 for 0.0178 unit price

A bit weird


Someone has accepted the order. He want to buy and accept your price.
You must go to Your Orders list and signed ( left mouse over order and give password , …).
So end your sale.

At the forum we’ve been waiting for that order, several members. :smile:
A greeting.

Edited: Order a 0.01822 and so on. :wink:


If it’s an order with a blue background then you need to sign it. It means someone has accepted your order and signed his part of the transaction. Now it’s your turn.


Ah thanks guys for the quick reply. That’s nice and stupid of me. Let me relist it again haha


Huh why? did you cancel it?


I Just made an offer to buy it… please sign it…


Just did :smile:


At last @Dazme, solved the mystery. :smile:
Congratulations. :wink:


Yeah… it’s good to finally get this solved and the order off the market…


Welcome to our little community.

GHxchange is still beta and there is some informational content missing on the actual page on GHcloud. We’ll get the site styled asap as time allows for it. Sorry about the confusion.