Now You Can Use Bitcoin on eBay!


Yep, thanks to Gyft you can now spend BTC on eBay! Sign me up!


I like eBay. I also like BTC. Is nice!


Big news!


I am a big eBay purchaser. You can find almost everything on the planet through eBay. I am a huge audiophile, so I source many of my “originally sealed vinyl albums” through eBay, as well as audio equipment from the 1980’s, such as my two Carver Cubes, Carver Pre-amp, Technics and Akai reel-to-reels, two glass/acrylic platter turntables, etc etc. I have even purchased Klipsch speakers on eBay. I am an eBay-aholic I guess. :smiley:


wonder if these vouchers work on Australian Ebay


Get one and you’ll know :wink: