Official iROBUSTO Cigar Thread


I am the premier cigar enthusiast in this community. Just kidding, however if you want to ask questions or talk cigars, this is the place.



@iROBUSTO in the houze! Good to have you here buddy :slight_smile:

Also check out



:slight_smile: Love burgers too! Excited to learn about BitCoins from all of you folks!


The day you own your first BTC is the day I’m paying for the burgers. :wink:


lol not a good way to end my addiction :stuck_out_tongue:


You gotta check out @iROBUSTO’s cigar show “meet in the middle”. I love it!


It’s a lot of fun.


I checked out your show on @cyberdexter’s recommendation. Very nice show. Reminds me of a video podcast. I used to do a podcast back a few years ago. Have you ever done any cigar manufacturer interviews? I haven’t looked through your archives as much as I would like to.

Looking forward to catching more episodes. Keep it comin’ :slight_smile:


Hi @lothendriel

Thanks for the compliment. The show just launched, we’re just recorded Episode 6. The format of the show probably won’t have the cigar manufacturers coming on, however it’s not something we’re opposed to.

I think we enjoy babbling to each other more, hahaha. I was thinking of getting the owner of 1502 Cigars on. He is pretty cool and seems to have a good personality.


Hi All,

It’s official we are now sponsored by a great cigar company named 1502 Cigars!

Get on the mailing list at to get a chance to win free cigars!


Free cigars!?! Holy schnikes! Thanks @iROBUSTO. :slight_smile: I’m on it :+1:

[EDIT] Nice website btw [EDIT]


Do I need to subscribe too or are we getting our cigars from Gib as always? :slight_smile:

I almost forgot… @iROBUSTO :wink:


Haha, you already won!


Quesada Oktoberfest Bravarian Cigar


That one is obviously for me. Did I ever mention that I like you? :slight_smile:


Smoked it, haha, it was not as good as the one you had with me in Gibraltar, I will get more though! :smiling_imp:


The H. Upmann I had on Saturday was amazing. We need to head down there soon again and get some more.

(It’s kinda way beyond both our bed time) :slight_smile:


I just lit up a cigar and have beers in the fridge, it’s breakfast time!


Don’t tempt me or I’ll come down


You said burgers?