Official iROBUSTO Cigar Thread


I did. :slight_smile:

@iROBUSTO is a real :hamburger: man! One day he’ll post one of his creations in the burger thread. Which reminds me… summer, roof terrace… BBQ!


@iROBUSTO enjoyed episode 8 of #mitmcigar :clap: :slight_smile:


It was fun!


I wanted to post the staging pic of the cigars we smoked yesterday in the cigar fans thread and then realized that it’s on your phone not mine :slight_smile:


Been watching the shows and i never realized the care some people put into smoking a cigar. The episode where you explain how to tend the ash I found fascinating. But i guess it is all about the experience. Keep it up. Lovin it!


I agree with you.

@iROBUSTO knows his smokes and it’s very cool to learn about it. We have a lot of fun smoking them and debating their construction, flavour and everything else that comes with it. Changed the way I look and smoke my cigars that’s for sure. I’m appreciating a good cigar more these days.


I would guess it would be along the same lines as how a Sommelier appreciates wines. When the different flavors and scents get explained in the videos; that’s what it reminds me of.


Absolutely :+1:

Or, you pair your wine with a good cigar or the other way around.


It is very much like that. I’m glad you like the show, we have a lot of fun doing it!


German Cigar Maker Kurt Brandt


If possible friends, give a thumbs up on the video and a comment. Pretty please, comments help the video get up in the ratings. I’ll be nicer to cyberdexter


Thumbs up, shared and commented :slight_smile:


@lothendriel Sincere thanks!


Meet in the Middle Cigar Show Episode 9


Great show as always! :+1: :100:



Cohiba, you either like it or you don’t.




From last time when we went or did you go again? Where is I? :slight_smile:


This was yesterday. I told you I was going.