Official iROBUSTO Cigar Thread


Must have missed that :slight_smile:


Too much working on your side!


Yeah you can only say that cause you took a few days off this one time :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of work… heading into the Pueblo for a quick one.



Uhh we had those last time we went to Gibraltar. Loved it!


Salted caramel!!! OMG … gotta try one. But it’s a Cuban … :frowning: Pouty face. LOL


We’re doing an iROBUSTO Cigar League for those interested in Fantasy Football

iROBUSTO Cigar Fantasy Football League

$25 to get in $500 in Cigar Prizes Maximum 12 Teams


Signed up and can’t believe that CyberBaller was already taken as user name so it’s CyberDexter. One thing though, the site tells me that the league password for league 3514415 is wrong… lemme in!



Sweet, another give-away! I’m in!!


Meet in the Middle Cigar Show

Posted by Irobusto on Tuesday, October 27, 2015