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Hi, everyone.

We would like make this topic as a short presentation of various NiceHash features and of course an open discussion about NiceHash in general. You probably already know that NiceHash is an advanced crypto currency cloud mining and hash rental service as well as multipool. We would like to point out some of the interesting and fun things you can do with NiceHash:

As a miner owner:

  • simply set&forget while mining at NiceHash and getting great daily payouts,
  • make use of clean&simple miner’s stats to get an insight of your miner’s current and past performance.

As a buyer:

  • treat NiceHash as your own dynamic virtual miner which can be re-sized and put on/off on demand,
  • speculate on mining altcoins without any obligations,
  • rent some hash and make some fun while mining coins of any algorithm even you don’t have any physical miner,
  • rent some hash and play lottery at with a couple of Th/s
  • rent some hash and “mine” coins which are not minable (for example PAYCOIN via pools like or maybe BURST coin if you find similar pool, etc.)
  • play with NiceHashBot and make yourself your own software mining platform.

… and of course dozens of other possibilities.

Please feel free to leave your own thoughts about NiceHash and maybe some other funny and/or profitable thing that you can do with NiceHash.

Happy mining!


Welcome to GetHashing! :slight_smile:


Welcome @nicehash like your shiny new badge :wink:

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weclome @nicehash!

Now that you’re here, I’ve got a complaint. Every time I rent really really cheap power the bloody rates start going up… :stuck_out_tongue: (just kidding)


I mined with WestHash for months, always a great service. :smile:


How do I go about finding out the odds of solo mining 1 Petahash solo and finding 1 block in 24 hours ? I have been thinking about trying that out over a few days… It would cost me on average around 12.5 BTC per 24 hours rental at Nicehash

So if I did it for say 7 days, then at least 4 of the 7 days I would need to find 1 block to come out profitable, I think…lol


Total Hash Rate:1000000000 MH/s
Average time to find one block: 2.21 days
Average daily revenue: 11.31277662 BTC ($2477.27)
Average daily commissions/donations: 0.00000000 BTC ($0.00)
Average daily electricity cost: $0.43 (0.00197278 BTC)

Average daily profit: 11.31080384 BTC ($2476.84)



  • threat NiceHash as your own dynamic virtual miner which can be re-sized and put on/off on demand

I think you mean treat.


Yeah, true :wink: … corrected. Thanks!


I use Nicehash for many months now. I don’t need to worry about pool luck, steady payment each days.


I look forward, if given the chance, when minrlink is finished by Hashnest to point my hashing to NiceHash.


Nicehash is here - Where is Westhash your twin brother I would like to have a word with that man - Welcome aboard



Today we introduced an attractive feature for buyers of hashing power - fixed orders.

This type of order will allow you to place an order with fixed price and will guarantee you the the desired hashing speed through order’s lifetime, even if there are other bidding orders with higher price submitted later on. You will have to pay a bit higher price in relation to current fixed orders demand. This type of order is especially appropriate for renters of smaller amount of hashing power who are seeking for a way to rent hashing power with a peace of mind with no need to watch over the order in case some other to over bid you. This is essentially the same as renting a physical miner or renting a physical rig, however you still retain all the benefits of renting hashing power by being able to cancel the order any time and pay only for accepted shares without any risk for faulty configured rigs. Needles to say that this type of renting is also prone to bots manipulation since the hashing power is dedicated to your order.

Please take a look at updated FAQ “How can I buy hash power at NiceHash?” for all the details.

So, if you’re still in the old-school of directly renting rigs now is the time to upgrade to our Fixed orders - in most cases you will get a price well below directly renting miners or rigs while still preserving all the benefits of renting hashing power with the same careless experience as having your own on-demand miner or rig!

Thank you for using our service.



This new feature sounds awesome. Well done.


Sounds good :smiley::+1:


Do you have something cooking for sellers too?

Renters like to know where the hashpower came from.
Riding an S5 is cool :sunglasses:
S1-S2 are out :kissing:

I got 3 S5 units I would like to advertise for renting, and I want it all automated :wink:

Keep up the good work !


Sure, it’s as easy as pointing your SHA256 miners to:


Use your Bitcoin address as username. Use any password you like. Details on how to get started are here. Fully automated :smile:


Better than ordinary hash. Its nice hash


I think @Hytekk meant that it would be nice if the renters could see what units they are renting. Eq S4, S5. SP30 :slight_smile:


Well, this is impossible due to our hash rate encapsulation engine. And it doesn’t really matter - a valid share is a valid share weather it is produced by a good-old USB Block Erupter or by a state-of-the-art SP35 :wink: . Our engine always makes sure you only get valid shares as a buyer, and speed is calculated by submitted valid shares. Details are explained in this FAQ.