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I figured that this was the case and it makes sense.

Well, this is impossible due to our hash rate encapsulation engine

That sounds so kinky. :slight_smile:


@nicehash I’m looking for an API that can pull the historical hashrate 1 or 2 days associated with one BTC address.


Our API is documented here: Currently we don’t have API calls for historical hashrate, therefore you’d have to pull current hashrate at your time intervals and store historical data locally at your side. We have in plans to add this to API but no ETA at the moment.


The strange thing is the main stats page

contains that data.


I have a question and it may sound silly. I have been mining on WestHash with failover set for NiceHash. I am using BFGMiner and sometimes I notice my mining interface says that pool WestHash is ‘Misbehaving’ and it shuts that stream off and switches to NiceHash. What is meant by this?


It’s an American thing… use NiceHash :laughing:


BFGMiner is using some strict coinbase checks which results in “Pool misbehaving” errors for some particular coins on some particular pools, set by buyers orders.

  1. make sure your’re using the latest BFGMiner

  2. you should add #xnsub and #skipcbcheck parameters to connection address:

example for Scrypt:

example for SHA256:


Awesome!! Thank you. I am, in fact using the latest BFGMiner so I will try he #skpcdcheck parameter. I already use the nonce setting.

Love your site(s) and this has been my only concern as of late. Keep up the awesome work :slight_smile:


@nicehash has there been any server issues tonight?

I have a few rigs that keep failing to connect all of a sudden with

2015-02-24 04:17:27,245 INFO [Pool-NiceHash-Thread]:strat.mining.stratum.proxy.pool.Pool - Pool NiceHash stopped.
2015-02-24 04:17:27,248 INFO [Pool-NiceHash-Thread]:strat.mining.stratum.proxy.pool.Pool - Trying reconnect of pool NiceHash in 5.0 seconds.
2015-02-24 04:17:27,248 WARN [Pool-NiceHash-Thread]:strat.mining.stratum.proxy.manager.ProxyManager - Pool NiceHash is DOWN. Moving connections to another one.
2015-02-24 04:17:27,250 INFO [Pool-NiceHash-Thread]:strat.mining.stratum.proxy.pool.Pool - Pool NiceHash stopped.


Information if you own a NiceHash/WestHash account: migration to new multi-sig Bitcoin deposit addresses has just been successfully completed. Just press “Generate Bitcoin deposit address” at your Account / Wallet and you’ll get your new Bitcoin deposit address and fully functional multi-sig NiceHash Bitcoin deposit wallet with full previous history. And please remember - do NOT deposit to your old address (but in case you did it by mistake, further instructions to recover those Bitcoins was sent to your account’s email address).

Thank you for using our service!


Very nice @nicehash :+1:

I’ve also received the email with the private key of the old address in case you have coins in those. That’s great service, job well done. Btw, you can ignore my previous question… hashing away again. :wink:


WhirpoolX algorithm added. Point your WhirpoolX rigs to port 3343 or buy hashing power to mine VanillaCoin (and other WhirpoolX coins).


Sorry, didn’t notice this thread when I posted this :

If someone wants to move it, please do :smile:


At around 8pm GMT last night, Nicehash doubled their payout rate for scrypt mining.
It went from around 0.18 BTC/GH to 0.38 BTC/GH.
I don’t know how long this will last but that could bring some older miners back into profitablility for a while. They are currently paying 0.4189 BTC/GH/Day


Thanks for the info, I turned on my dusty GBlade :slight_smile:


heh, it’s about now I wish I had bought the KnC Titan. Would turn a nice profit at this rate, around 19GBP per day after power costs. ROI in 70 days.


It’s because of LiteDoge. It was launched yesterday, has a short POW Stage and halves quickly.


Yeah thanks :slight_smile: I noticed the rate dropping off now again.


I was sure it was something like that but didn’t know what it was. Thanks for sharing.
Rate dropping :cry:


We added referral program. Enable it under Account/Referrals and start earning commissions by referring NiceHash & WestHash to your friends!

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NiceHash team