Oil Immersion Cooling, the next big thing?


Just came across this article.



Bitcoin mining, by design, is increasing in difficulty. Enthusiasts mining in their basements have given way to professionally managed cloud services that deploy equipment on a massive scale. Growing energy requirements and build costs are catching up with the rapidly increasing global hashrate, putting downward pressure on available margin. As mining gets more competitive, GRC’s oil immersion cooling technology promises to boost profitability by reducing build-out and operating costs dramatically.

Oil immersion cooling from Green Revolution Cooling differs from every other form of precision and/or liquid cooling. It is designed to provide easy-to-scale, industrial cooling for high densities with a bare minimum of initial infrastructure and ongoing power requirements.[/quote]

Follow the link above to read the full story. Interesting concept.


Marketing Hype.

Nothing new about oil submersion/immersion. The oil is high cost.
They are trying to say fans take up 20% of the electricity cost of an ASIC - hogwash. “up to” meaning anything under. System fans use very little electricity. They also want to say the cost benefits come from less requirements of ambient cooling. This may be true in certain regions where temperatures are high, but in most northern areas having large volumes of outside air blowing in one side of the building and out the other is going to be enough and again be at relatively little cost. Large industrial fans will work in ugly old buildings just as well.


Why not reuse all the energy generated instead of trying to kill / waste it ?
Why not resale the heat to industrial / commercial needs ?
Mining could be way more profitable if heating could be resold.

Just imagine a large Olympic Pool heated with a farm of Antminer C1 :smile:

Problem can be solve in many different ways.


[quote=“cryptichermit, post:2, topic:2551, full:true”]
Marketing Hype.[/quote]

GRC has been bombing the crypto media with that “article” for months.

Exactly. Industrial chicken coop architecture. That kind of thinking makes western data center mentality people get all apoplectic about heat and dust, but the reality is that the efficient useful life of mining hardware is a matter of months. There’s no sense overbuilding ($) when the immediate problem of heat can be solved with re-purposed farming equipment.

And I’ve always thought that matters of electrical efficiency, in some places, are dealt with by applying additional “grease” to the local power utility bureaucrats.


If the oil gets too hot - can we make some Fries for @tankjnr’s burgers?


Its only good till the oil reaches the point where it can no longer loose heat faster than its put in, then you have problems. Now if you could run it through a radiator like a water cooling system does it would eliminate worries from leaks.


I did this some years ago, not with a miner but with a small computer. Mineral oil did indeed keep things at a stable temperature, but it also made one hell of a mess. The oil ran along all the cables running into it, like wax up a candle wick, and got all over the place.

I’ve had thoughts about sinking one of my old scrypt miners in Novec, as it apparently does a really good job at cooling, but last I looked, Novec was crazy expensive.


To true. Oil has been used to cool hi voltage switchgear for years but no longer due to cost plus the oil needs to be cleaned or filtered. It attracts water and other impurities over time and if not replaced breaks down circiut boards. Plus evaporation does not make it profitable sorry to say. Crc have another product but again not cheep. Radiator type cooling is the best way but so far again not seen anything on the market of any use. I sure it will come.