OneWallet - eBay Style BTC Market Place


Developed by the guys who run Bitcoin Brisbane.

I haven’t tried it out as yet, just placing here for reference.


Very nice, I need to check that out. Thanks!

I just noticed that every time I recently see the word “evolved” it gives me the shivers and then I have to laugh… time for a check-up. :slight_smile:


Very nice! Cool to see a concept like this :slight_smile: I’ll be watching it


Under the toys & hobbies - a good chunk of it are pipes, lighters, and grinders. One is even listed as an herb grinder. Lol.

I found that funny. That is all.


I thought Open Bazaar sounded cool and I never could figure it out at all.
I guess I just "Have this vision of a Crypto wallet with a Silk Road type, Wild West Market Place built right inside it with buyer and seller rating to fast payment confirmations and escrows low fees etc.
All right in the wallet with encryption and privacy. So I can order anything I want with the payment I choose.
Hoooker’s for Doge—Ganja for BTC if I want to. lol :smile:)


I checked out the site today, it’s pretty cool.


“safe and secure” but couldn’t even manage to install a SSL


I thought it was pretty plain and simple, and don’t look to popular.


Yeah but have a look-see at Ebay back in 1998 -