Open message to paycoin [Resolved]


@huey great work on the forum. Cant join it so I suppose the line is drawn.
Im blocked from join so dig a big hole throw a camel in their and sniff.

It was banter now its just no help for your coin


This is what you’re missing @tankjnr

Until Coming Soon™ arrives we will all mount up and ride into the glorious sunset singing…

Coming Soon™
Coming Soon™
Coming Soon™

… looking for hookers that take XPY


Like the 7 dwarfs?


Yeah but Snow White doesn’t clean house for XPY, she likes those gold nuggets.


hey tank, can you tell me what error is preventing you to signup?


1 girl and seven dudes, she was cleaning house alright… :smile:


Lots of weapons needed frequent polishing :wink:


Had also problem with signup, but support solved fast the problem.


I always wanted to type "an open letter to…"


let’s stop trolling around shall we?