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This topic will be for all discussions pertaining to Paybase, as this is a seperate entity than Team XPY.

XPY - Paycoin TeamXPY, XPY.IO linked to TeamION and IONOMY

Will this include that other platform which they’ve come out with, y’know, with the staking wallet at 5%? :slight_smile:


I experience the division of the original thread as a problem.

Sorry but I think GAW and XPY are twined together.

Who is the owner of 90+ % of XPY? Is team paycoin established to create a puppet/smoke screen for the big GAW escape out of this mess? Who can manipulate XPY prices, pump/dump and more?

I used the original thread once a day to get informed about the whole intertwined mess.


I really cannot see anyone posting anything here. Paybase is just an online wallet and an exchange that most people are afraid to use since Pay-gate.


That pretty much sums up my thoughts about this splitting of the threads.

Where does the following statement belong?

“XPY is doomed to failure because GAW miners created the “Paybase” platform which is utterly and totally useless.”

Y’see, those are points relevant to all three of these subsections. Do I repeat myself in all of them?


Does this include the drone-launching platform? :boom:


wrong thread! This should probably belong in the yet-to-be-created “I hear on HT” thread.


March 1st, let’s all be excited about the successful completion of Honors program enrollment. I hope this is the correct thread because the honors vault PNG was on Paybase IIRC (can’t be bothered to check now).


On Friday, February 27, we learned about a coordinated and very sophisticated effort to exploit the databases for PayBase and ZenCloud. As soon as we discovered this, we felt it imperative to shut down the wallet withdrawal service, in the best interest of our customers and community. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We felt it was important to provide general, non-specific communications as to the identity of the hackers / violators our networks, since they did not know we had discovered what they were doing. This, we felt, was precautionary and again, in your best interest.

While this was happening, we had all hands on deck verifying every database and ensuring there were no other holes or doors they could use. Verification of all databases is in the final stages and we expect to be online later this week, if not sooner.

We also wanted to point out that our existing precautionary measures such as “Pending Withdrawal” function worked as it should, giving us the ability to verify withdrawal transactions. This layer of security made it possible to protect all property, funds and PayCoins.

Yeah yeah, them Hackers are a nasty breed. They are just everywhere those days. . :wink:

XPY - Paycoin TeamXPY, XPY.IO linked to TeamION and IONOMY

Anyone remember this gem:

The Paybase Challenge is giving out over $100,000!
The contest starts now and ends March 1st, 2015.


I had totally forgotten about that. I posted a long list of small business articles in one section over there. Of course, with the first deleting of my account, all of those posts disappeared permanently. LMAO

Edit: This part was a head scratcher, in reference to the top prize of $25,000: “The grand prize is a package fit for a titan of industry. It’s the whole package – enough to take any earth-shattering idea and propel it to international status.”

I am not sure what country JG is from, originally, but $25,000 is nothing to start a business on in this country, unless you are opening a chain of lemonade stands.

How much would you like to wager that no-one won…any of the prizes?


I’ll bet 100 BTC… as soon as I collect my winnings from this:


LMAO You had me going with that one. I thought that was a recent Twit (I spelled that wrong on purpose).