Paybase Honors Program Discussion


XPY is still down, they are offering $20. for them via escrow…i got that,good deal.
What i dont get is that they are going to give it in the BTC equivalent, through monthly installments…locked in at current BTC price.
What am i missing as i am crunching my numbers. If BTC goes up, as i am projecting it to…this could bankrupt them as fast as the drop in BTC price did to some of these ‘cloud mining’ Co.'s
Anyone else have additional thoughts, numbers, observances you would like to share? :slight_smile:

XPY - Paycoin Discussion - GAW DAYS
XPY - Paycoin Discussion - GAW DAYS

I would guess that the payouts will be $20 equivalent in BTC as calculated on the day of the payout.


It will be paid like a hashstaker, so no thanks.


I think it will make a lot more sense once all of the latest announcements are edited.

He probably means he will manage coins at the current BTC value.


That’s what I’ve been assuming. Not that I’ll be joining in, as, without any details and with the recent track record, I’d rather take a smaller btc payout every day :slight_smile:



Still 1XPY=$20BTC… it would save me from having to make BTC. Next Q… is is the risk of messing with GAW worth the $20. in BTC?


The question is, over what period of time. 9 months? 19.5 years?


I doubt the locked in current BTC price. Until there is a complete statement (as in contractual language) and not just a bunch of Q&A’s on a forum post, nothing is set or means what it sounds like. I would have to see the post saying such a thing to try to pick apart any double meanings. past experience leads me to not trusting anything he says as that just leads to “misunderstandings”.


Think Hashstakers


It seems to be worth around $2.05 at the moment. I doubt we’ll get much added value anytime soon.


immortals, or ones with a time limit? ,-)


The innovative ones.


Thing is, if I took GAW at their word, thanks to the price drop, I could buy back more xpy than I had before and stand to make a heck of a lot more money than I’d ever expected after the initial hashpoint conversion.

Trouble is, I’m not convinced it’s worth risking my money on.


Yeah i cant understand why the Q&A is BEFORE the announcment… kinda like the cart infront of the horse. But that is GAW for you… i still think they should be GAW"S"…geniuses at work “soon”.


So, I’m holding out about 3K XPY until the actual announcement has real information in it. I don’t mind the KYC if it’s just a matter of verifying your address, I’ve already had GAW ship stuff to my house.


To give a more serious answer to the OP; I would be very careful speculating anything and even more careful acting on actual announced information from them.

I don’t trust this program to be any more substantial than anything else to have come out of there lately.

My game plan… Wait for the current hype to pump the value up over $4 and dump everything I have into that at the highest paying exchange before it flops again.


Well that’s just it… i could make more money trading it then getting a small pittence doled out by GAW for possible months…years? I can make 14%-22% a day easily with just riding the current market &a bit of preemptive reading of GAW announcments.


There is 30 days to put XPY in…I could sell for $4…buy it up again for $2…put just my profits into the escrow & continue to use my blocks of XPY in the market.
Think i am starting to come up with a nice little strategy here… Thanks all. :grin:


Exactly, I managed to make about 30% in a couple of days recently (It was a rarity, as I stopped trading regularly back in June last year) and if I wanted to I could possibly manage a bit less than that on a regular basis. As it stands I just want to refocus on BTC, a couple of other alts & forget about GAWs shinanegans for a while :slight_smile: