PayCon event in Vegas


Ok so I was thinking of setting up a PayCon event in Las Vegas.

What kinds of technical hurdles can you see about doing the event only payable in CON?


its hard to tip strippers with…

no seriously I think to gain interest momentom is to have some goodies only get able with PayCon and an easy way for some one to buy/transfer cash/altcoins/btc into PayCon in order to get the goodies or buy raffle tickets or what ever promotional stuff you decide on doing


You’ll need to fly in on a private jet. It’s what all the best (Pay)Cons do :wink:


Hmm, so need an android wallet? Strippers could get a QR code :wink:


No, to do it as cheaply as possible, I don’t have the cash to fly on a private jet. Flying to Vegas is cheap anywhere in North America.

Only thing I can see that might be limiting would be sending Coins while at the event, may only need an adroid wallet done, or maybe a web wallet?


Can sell tickets on the Cryptopia marketplace, some presale t-shirts or sell them at the event. Can get t-shirts done for $10-20 depending on order size.


Another fine example where my patent pending sarcasm font would have been useful. :blush:


using android wallet now, works great


Using an android wallet for PayCon? I wasn’t aware any were made yet?


lol I understand sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue: Joshypoo rented a private jet and then stayed in a $1200 a night room at the Miami conference.

I’m trying to figure out what would be the technical challenges though, then on to costs. The only thing I can see is that we’d need an android wallet done in order to allow for quick transfers without having to confirm from exchanges.

Can presale golden tickets with unique private keys on Cryptopia marketplace.


right…i meant paycoin. i see this thread now is for paycon, which i assume is a con


If you are serious you should put together a site. Id be down for going.


You should check out the coin, you might be surprised.


Technical challenges will be dictated by your target audience. Are you trying to raise awareness of CON among those of us that already know about cryptocurrency, or are you using CON as a way to raise awareness of cryptocurrency among the otherwise unaware?


relative to or whats the site, cant find a site to explain?


Hell yeah, may already have a venue since there is a few CON whales in Vegas. What kind of site were you thinking of?


So you mean something like this?


no,I was thinking a real site, backed up, created and owned by the founder or something showing legitimacy you know?


Nothing fancy but we could throw up a basic good looking site with some signup features and ticket sales. I just bought I will throw something up.


ooor we could keep up the image and use