Peercoin Mining!


Hey all,
We’ll be putting some serious power towards peercoin in a couple of hours. Make sure your own rigs are available and/or keep an eye on NiceHash and BetaRigs. The prices are coming down due to BTC tanking which will be great for us.

Keep an eye on this topic. We’ll post an update when we’re ready to roll.


People can use stratum+tcp:// -u -p x


20 TH pointed for the next 9 hours. That’s just below 10% of the peercoin net hashrate. Let’s make it 50 TH and scoop some coins :slight_smile:


We’ve pointed 10 TH as well.

You can track blocks and their status on

Bear in mind that the overall hashrate displayed in bugged (Coinium known issue). Everyting else is reporting accurately.

Hash on! :wink:


Very much bugged - I wont be fixing that - too much hassle …

The payouts are working fine as they should be…


Fixing would make no sense since we’re moving to the new setup. Awesome job buddy!


We’ve stopped the test and pointed some of the power back at our neos pool.

I’ll post an update later on about the GHpool in general and the things we’re currently doing behind the scenes. :wink: