PexPeppers Sauces is here with a forum coupon


hey thats right. finally got a good basic user level :smiley: anyways, go to and use the code GHASHING for 20% off!

XPY - Paycoin TeamXPY, XPY.IO linked to TeamION and IONOMY

Oh i was going to buy the other day with the 40% coupon woth xpy…then got distracted :frowning:
Need to remember to buy


see what happens when you wait? lol.


I haven’t tried the hot sauces yet, but the honey is excellent! Also, @PexPeppers accepts payment in many different cryptocurrencies.


Thanks for sharing!


you got it!!!


@PexPeppers the smartest person in Crypto found a way to make money out of XPY, well done and you deserve your success.


thank you.


it wasn’t wait exactly, it was ADD :stuck_out_tongue:


finally finished placing my order :smiley:




Just ordered!


aw yis.


Oh snap I just noticed @PexPeppers is here! Awesome!


Got my new jug of honey last night. It’s delicious!

Now I just have to decide what to brew with it…


yep, i try my best to be omnipresent.




i just received my sauces…too bad it was just after dinner
thanks @PexPeppers


pictures or it didn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d love a couple of bottles but not sure it would travel well over here to the UK. Probably get stopped at the border as a suspected WMD :slight_smile: