Picture upload as thumbnail


today created this thread MiningSweden Pictures, Videos and Banners

and only the last picture is a thumbnail
Its possible to upload a picture as small thumbnail?

Just upload picture in original size and define width and height

img src="/uploads/default/5413/73f343d7e8ced0.pic" width="???" height="???"


You might have to resize it manually. I don’t think there’s a thumbnail upload per say


when you look at second pic, its a thumbnail
have used same way for upload



found out you have to set image size (width=“300” height=“37”) for a thumbnail


image uploads are sized to a max resolution of 800x600 (I think, would have to check the board settings). If the image is smaller it will be display in full size. you can edit the aspect ration by editing the width and height but you know that by now.

Nice post btw. Cool to see Mining Sweden being so transparent as well.


Op updated with solution.
Mods can close.