POI (Proof of Integrity)


So, we have proof of work, proof of stake, and a few others (?) , however, a Proof of Integrity (POI) as it is envisioned, is to combine all, with an added feature.
A feature that enables instant community verification of said coins- holders-to give that transaction a rated (1-1000) for integrity, based on that wallets blockchain experience and transactional history.
Im not wanting to lower the anonymous feature, but increase the trustworthiness of said parties exchanging goods or coins.
Any community members want to chime in on the possibilities for the industry to make using digital currencies a more simple way and trusted factor?


Most alts equal scam coins


isnt it sad…


Wouldn’t tagging your address somewhat be a part of that?

I mean if you got nothing to hide on a specific address you could always tag it with @cryptosmack for example. The history of that address linked to your handle would somewhat aid to your own integrity or reputation. If you were offering escrow services for example tagging your escrow address with “cryptosmack escrow” would over time become part of the escrows reputation and could receive ratings.

Not sure how to verify a new coin with a POI concept plus there is the proof-of-developer seal out there already which is one good indicator at least. How does this rating work?


Proof of Integrity in itself is an interesting concept, but I dont see much diffrence from POS. Either way once someone with signifacant holdings goes full 'tater and confidence in the coin/devs/comunity is lost…so is the coin.


It seems to me that an unbreakable, peer related rating system must be implemented deep in the dna of the POI coding, one that brings about positive acceptance, in order for it to thrive.


Such sadness No WOW - DOGE is an alt


Im still learning how to tag, need some concrete easy to do step instructions i think just overall for mainstream to understand, since when i look at it from a simple idea like ips to domains, would that general ROT be better for mainstream adoption? Along with a new more simplified POI acceptance, where noone was able to cheat the system, without penalty, like if they cheated someone, their own side self destructs and they start over? Oh the wishes


Hmm in terms of “self-destruct”, you already have that with trustless double deposit escrow smart contracts. If one party doesn’t come through at the end of his deal he’ll be losing his deposit so there is very little (actually no) incentive to agree to doing a deal with a double-depo smart contact if one of the parties intends to scam the other one.


What are some of other users experience on how they got “goxed” when transmitting their btc for a product or service? I think until all these things are known, we cant fix. might as well return to fiat