[PONZI] EarnTomorrow.com


I saw a banner of a site called earntomorrow.com pop up earlier here on GH. After looking at the site I figured we should put it on the watchlist.

Take a look for yourself if you like.

We’ve sent a request to CoinUrl to have the site blocked from displaying on GH.


I’m willing to trust your judgement, without following a link to the site… :sunny:


Didn’t add the actual link on purpose :smile:


I’ll try it for a week and let you guys know :wink: Because I’m insane like that


I agree… it is the “too good to be true” rule.


Yep it is for sure, also instead of their examples for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd days, it’s the 1th, 2th, 3th. So there’s that… but screw it I’m still trying it.


That and it’s just badly designed. It’s obvious…


burner email, small amount of btc, off the wall credentials. DONE


Fun Fact:

Unlike Aprilcoin and btc-i24 you CAN NOT withdraw your principle. So if you decide to put any in, just remember you’ll never get that out :stuck_out_tongue: and hope the site will last long enough to make it back.


LOL at using a “burner email” to get burned.


Trust me I’ll need some of this after I run the course with this site :stuck_out_tongue:


earntomorrow.com seems to be a scam!
Will work as long people are willing to send them new coins


Day 1: After making a .2 btc deposit I decided to leave it on 100% compounding interest. which leads to…

Day 2: the .2 btc deposit is now .22 all on the principle (which is NOT withdraw-able) I’m turning off compounding for Day 3… we shall see.

Day 3: Earned .022, 10% on the principle of course. Withdrew .022 to test the withdrawal times, and it’s initiated almost immediately. Confirmed in usual BTC fashion and is now safely in my wallet.


Are you a millionaire yet?


So here it is… I deposited 0.001BTC when the thread was started for fun. counpounding 100%. Let it go but check on it every some days… The amount was stacking but i noticed my Email adress was switched to “Hacked” and my BTC adress had change to 36Zmxi1efgW35CTp2onZ6uEjipFfp9ChcN. I tired contacting the support about it and no answer. Today I log in and my account is down to 0.000000000

So if EVER someone tought for a minute that was a legit business… Well then I dont think so!! :smile:

On my end I lost about 0.25$ so i do not care… But hopefully you nobody deposited a lot of $$$$$

Test conclude on my part…


BOOM!.. :boom:


Oh yeah it’s dead, I forgot to update XD everyone got the “hacked” message

EDIT: I tried to edit the title for you and put [SCAM] but you forgot to make me an admin wink wink nudge nudge


Hmm odd, for some reason your trust level was locked in at level 2. I’ve fixed that for you. edited it already though by adding PONZI :slight_smile:


Oh good something was “wrong” XD