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I own stakeminers.com :slight_smile: I am trying to find the website for that service actually, they are our first competitor :wink:

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Well GHminting is noting like stakeminers. It’s just a way to supplement the mining income and the coins are donated.


So where are your staking addresses so that people can see where their coins are?


It’s right here in this forum:


LOL I know where they are. I was asking about stakeminers.com


Ha! If you need help finding anything else on here, just hit me up. LOL

I thought the OP was trying to find GHMinting.


Some coins were donated. In general we’re mining the coins we’re staking. It’s all one big cycle.

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Stakeminers is quite nice, they recently added PayCon to their list of coins.


@cyberpinoy we haven’t seen you around in a while. Tell us more about stakeminers :slight_smile:


First, I would like to say its nice to see some competition. When I launched CSC there was only 1 or 2 sites doing something similar but nowhere near identical. Hopefully the competition will spur as to bigger and better things.

Can you provide the addresses for the coins you are staking so that we can verify that you are indeed doing as you claim?
I am also a bit confused about something from your about us page. You equate staked coins to equaling a fixed amount of POW hash power. How do you come to this amount? How many of X coins equal 1mhs of scrypt or 1ghs of sha256?


ugh the glittering graphics make me cringe - they remind me of myspace lolz :expressionless:


Yeah I think the glittering graphics need to go :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also, you have some spelling errors when you added PayCon.

Can you please change the heading to:



By combining coins into one wallet, we enable investors the ability to stake more frequently. Like regular mining, Stake Mining has blocks that give rewards, the more blocks you find the more rewards you recieve, the difference tho is in Stake Mining your rewards are larger and more frequent than like regular mining. By holding a large volume of coins in one wallet you stake more frequently and you stake much higher amounts, giving you returns that sometimes are bigger than hardware mining and certainly larger than any other Cloud Mining service out there.

@cyberpinoy may I suggest to consider editing that last line. It’s not accurate.


Also, your PayCon logo is ugly and I made a better one


Don’t bother asking him questions. The moment he saw it was not competition he stopped coming here. Also for me the stakeminers.com seems a bit scammy there are no staking addresses the claims of being better than POW mining? really.


He’s more active on Bitcointalk, we were talking a fair bit about profitability and Stake Mining before the forums went down. CyberPinoy seems to be trying to run a legit pool/business but English is not his first language, I haven’t heard anything negative about them so might as well help provide them with a couple ideas and criticisms for improvement.


We have updated images of the wallets right in the members area :slight_smile: Where you can watch every stake we get. :wink:

In the about page it is just an example of how one could compare staking to POW mining. there is no real representation, I am sure if you wanted to sit down and stare at the code of every wallet compared to the code of a POW coin you could break it down, but who really has time to do that. It was just a way to get people who did not understand POS and Staking a way to connect it with something they already understand.

@Crestington I don’t use apostrophes in the code but I fixed that line. everything else I copied and pasted :wink: I do have to say it was a bit hard trying to represent your coin in a professional manner on there,I did not mind the theme but I am not sure how others will take it. Imagine a new user seeing what coins we use and seeing the one that says “devoting 1 hour to making the client” and “world best website in under 5 minutes” not to mention “Paycon promises to cure cancer, aids and all deadly diseases through the power of thought.” For me I don’t mind, but to a more professional investor which we do attract, phrases like this could literally turn them away. PayCon is a great coin, and the fact Presstab helped you out with the wallet a bit really puts you ahead in coin control over most coins. SO we like it, but it is just a hard sell to people who are not into coins to much but are looking for something to invest in. I can,t put all that in the responsive slide, its just a small introduction to the coin not the main area about it, you saw the other area where that paragraph goes.

It was also hard finding graphics for Paycon, no website, you had nothing available out there, no coin with transparent backgrounds, nothing I could really use, so i just put a few things together, I didn’t know which font you were going with because you have a few floating around out there, so I went with the one that is on the loading screen of the wallet. It was quite hard to get this all set up and since Bitcointalk went down we could not get together to get everything the way you wanted. you could have emailed me tho right from the website, I tried to get muddafudda to get in a hangout with us but he never will. But since I had a few determined investors who wanted to see it added so we did what we could.

I am American so English is actually my first language, I am just a bad speller :slight_smile:

I did change that logo as you requested tho.

@cyberdexter I will take that line up with our investors and see if they would like that changed or to leave it as is. thank you.

@Daffy I actually did not see anything really, that made me stop coming here. I stopped coming there because I was doing some work with the developers of the coins we use involving the site :wink: (that was why i kept inviting Muddafudda to the hangout but he would not come in.) So, sorry I had not came around to much I was a little bit busy with something we are working on with the members area on the site. I actually just saw 1 email in my personal email this account is connected to that si why I am here now actually, so i had assumed there were no replies.


Actually the line you have bolded is not inaccurate, it is very factual. There are a lot of wallets out there that will give you a much better return on investment compared to any POW cloud mining service, not to mention the benefit of always having your investment in your own hands. When i first read it I had assumed it was a bolded part stating that StakeMiners.com could pay out larger than any other cloud mining service, when in actuality it seems to be stating that staking coins in general will give you a better return. and that fact is very correct.

We were originally going to open and run a POW cloud mining service, then after extensive research and book work we realized it is just not profitable to an investor, he has no way to get his original investment back, he can only hope to make an ROI but at no time can he ask to have his investment back, if a POW cloud mining service did offer that it would be counterproductive to their own business structure and they would not be able to make as much money as a business. So we decided against another POW service and started the system that we have now. And so far it is proving to be a great investment opportunity for our investors. The payouts get larger every week, we are closing the gap on their ROI every month, we are very pleased with what we are doing and so are our investors.


I’m very sorry and really don’t mean to offend but I disagree with your last reply. I’m not sure what sites you looked at or who has done those calculations but you won’t convince me that an investor will yield a higher return in (let’s say one year) from staking opposed to mining.

Let’s say for example investor A puts 1 BTC into staking PoS coins. What’s the projected return on that 1 BTC in 6 or 12 months staking (on your site)?


What sized miner will you be purchasing for 240 dollars? Will it be POW or Scrypt?

Just so you know I also hardware mine :wink: