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Dude, I had 22.6% built up and he stuck me with an outrageous fee. In all honesty, good luck getting ANY back. If he charges you ANYTHING, let ol’ husky know. Dumb b***h owes me 0.92 BTC still. He should owe you everything.

I would advise you to withdraw all you coins now.

*queue Leroy in 3…2…1…


Thx for the advice guys.

EDIT: I found the TOS that existed when I invested. https://archive.is/R8NEL#selection-655.1-655.368
suchmoon is correct (as usual). If I withdraw before Nov 1st, my withdraw fee should not be more than 5% as I’m over 90 days.


Everyone is here to look out for each other.


Yup this is the best community to belong to in all of crypto.



The Debate of what is more Profitable PoS vs. PoW will be a conversation for the ages… May be even needs its own page… Mainly based on the cost of electricity for the miner the value of bitcoin and the increase of difficulty. Me personally PoS wins for the time being. Time will tell…

Regardless… I can Personally vouch for the fact that the Netcoin Foundation and Netcoin have no direct dealings with Stakeminers.com. He does hang out in a general chat room for our community, but will not be involved in any development or guidance of Netcoin. I am not aware of any Coins that he has direct involvement with, but I will ask around.


Ahem, quantum computing?

Once that is solved, I will then harness its powers to rule the blockchain!

Unless…you know…they hard fork to a quantum resistant algo.

All that aside, I am not familiar with the Netcoin foundation so I cannot give my opinion but if Leroy is involved with the community, I do question any intent. I wonder what they think of Leroy and SM? Care to be the messenger sevens?


He is not involved in any fashion other than he has a service that uses NET. We wouldn’t want to exclude anyone from being in a general chat room. Hit me up on Skype, same user name and I will add you to the room as well. Then you can ask everyone impartiality. I personally don’t have an issue with the service itself, as it has potential. But left because of who runs the service.


I appreciate it. Don’t have skype so I guess I will take your word for it.


Well, Skype is free, not really an excuse not to come check it out.


My withdrawal was processed already:

Your withdraw has been processed and the details are as follows:

Invested Amount 0.14000000 BTC
5% withdraw fee 0.00700000 BTC

SUM After fee 0.13300000 BTC
Plus Earnings 0.00000000 BTC
Total Withdraw 0.13300000 BTC
Plus payments 0.03522766 BTC

Investment Sum 0.16822766 BTC

Your Profit on this investment

0.02822766 BTC (20.1%)


Congrats on getting your money out! And a 5% fee, looks like Leroy like you…


Edit: Nevermind


More proof that something stinks in the state of denmark.

If you invested in july and since then the NAV of the entire basket has dropped 30% since then, to be generous with the #s, then the BTC value of your account should have dropped as well. Your 0.14btc invested should be worth 0.098btc. I would say that you need to account for the staked coins being cashed out but its clear that he has been using incoming funds to cover payouts, part of this is understandable, it saves on time and tx fees, but it appears as though he hasn’t sold off any of the underlying coins. My guess is that he is hoping for the day that they “go moon” and he made money by ripping people off.

You should check out the staking pool asset that I recently launched. I will be picking the coins we stake based on several criteria one of which will be to look at the charts and the inflation rate and look for ones that are bottoming out or might be, with some skill and luck I can pick coins that won’t sink much more in value. And of course I will be sharing a NAV for each satoshi invested and will move to NAV priced pricing for the shares when the pool is large enough to warrant it.


You FUDster! says 3 days here.

@Cyberpinoy doesn’t appear to think that it’s important enough to explain this difference to his investors. There was no response from him aside from some indirect and vague rebuttals in his locked thread, e.g.:

Kinda hard to explain. Much easier to simply not elaborate on it.

Awesome!! :thumbsup:


Congratulations. Looks like @cyberpinoy finally learned how to apply fees and also properly paid out the fictional “Invested Amount” (as opposed to the real NAV as @rdyoung explained above) at the expense of future withdrawals, like any self-respecting ponzi operator should do. Gotta keep the appearances up until the inevitable collapse. Well done @cyberpinoy.

Anyone still having an investment in StakeMiners - you have 5 days to get out, first come first serve.


Kinda reminds me of…we’re here to stay.

[spoiler]And yes, we understand there is a lot of negative conjecture, innuendo, rumors, baseless accusations and outright attempts by extremists to destroy PayBase StakeMiners.[/spoiler]


Leroy’s still pumping out updates, the most recent is funny.

Hey @cyberpinoy I’m concerned that your not getting your monies worth for your fake likes. It seems it really dropped off after Oct 19th. You use to average at least 50+, you should open up a support ticket and have them manufacturer up moar. :slight_smile:


…synchronize and be located on the internet…??

I’m sure he meant to say propagate across all DNS servers. Shouldn’t take to long if TTL is update properly. As for likes, you only get what you pay for. :slight_smile:


you can have my like for free.


So what do y’all think how @cyberpinoy is doing these days? Lying less? Working harder? Growing the value of StakeMiners assets by perfecting “an art and a technical skill” that is crypto currency staking? (I’m not making this up)


This is a comparison of StakeMiners assets between ~3 weeks ago and today. As you can see the real value declined by ~16 BTC or ~24% while @cyberpinoy is claiming a ~5 BTC or ~4% increase.

I won’t be reposting all addresses etc - I used the same information that’s been posted here:

[Ponzi] PoS Coin Staking - StakeMiners.com