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soooo 4 months at best and he should be at 0 BTC value :smile:


Nah, he will still be running. May even give up some of his coins,( the dev coins actually) to keep his scam running. Yeah, running in the negatives…that’s Leroy. Deserves it too.


It still puts me off that he keeps calling it “stake mining” operation(s). Seriously.

From your archive link:

First, we are stake mining company. That’s it! We focus on the acquisition and staking of high quality altcoins.

When did hyper-inflating coins become high quality altcoins. They are (at best) a proof-of-concept.

Staking altcoin wallets is an art and a technical skill. Stakeminers has worked to perfect both since we came online in March 2015.

Doesn’t compensate for poor coin selection.

Finally, could you stake these altcoins? Of course, but with over 115 BTC in our staking pool,we have one of the largest actively managed staking pools.

@suchmoon why does the value of the StakeMiner’s basket continue to increase while the value of the coins has dropped so much? I think I know the answer but… did you say he was lying less or just better?

This is a comparison of StakeMiners assets between ~3 weeks ago and today. As you can see the real value declined by ~16 BTC or ~24% while @cyberpinoy is claiming a ~5 BTC or ~4% increase.

Never mind, got my answer. :wink:


@cyberpinoy really? You don’t have the balls to confront the people who are questioning you on this forum but you want to leave idiot remarks on my Facebook? Carry on…

…and yes, I don’t give a f about what randoms have to say or think. Especially if it comes from a notorious liar like yourself.


he must have a thing for you if he’s digging through your fb and commenting on public posts.

One would have thought, being as he’s a scam artist, that he might want to keep his head down and hope that the people who know he’s a scammer won’t pay any attention to him.


@cyberpinoy, where are you??? I want to invest in stakeminers and have some burning questions. I, like you, feel that POS stake mining is much more profitable than POW mining. POS to the moon!!!





this is why we can’t stay away from facebook too long…


Well at least we know he’s still alive and thinking of OUR GLORIOUS WORK on showing the public what his operations are about :slight_smile:


I find it rather entertaining that his focus seems to be aimed at me since I was pretty much the only one who defended his project when it was first posted on this forum. Just scroll up and read some of my initial replies to this thread.

Him feeling the urge to post on a public post of mine on Facebook or his lame attempt of FUDing the GH article on Bitcoinist on a fake @suchmoon account is just hilarious.

I would have thought that Suchmoon or Gleb would be the center of his anger because it was them who put the most work into spreading awareness that the StakeMiners business model (in it’s current form and with the current “leadership”) isn’t sustainable while logging all the info proving that Leroy Fodor of StakeMiners.com is a notorious liar.

I guess I was wrong.


Well, he’s convinced that me and my pupsockets Gleb and Xian are just trolls… you on the other hand he might genuinely fear :laughing:


Why is that? I just live here.


Because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition :joy:


AMAZINGLY despite a 20% gain on his Netcoin bag @cyberpinoy still managed to lose ~0.5 BTC or 1% of StakeMiners asset value compared to a month ago. At the same time he’s claiming an increase of 6 BTC or 5%. Currently StakeMiners has less than 40% of its declared assets.

I won’t be reposting all addresses etc - I used the same information that’s been posted here:



I admire your sharing of the info (as always)… shame that @cyberpinoy doesn’t feel like posting here any more.


He still posts on FB… but even his fake fans or likes are not responding in kind to his posts.
Sort of like a big falling out after the last TOS was made :slight_smile:


He probably just stopped paying for FB likes. At least it looks like it.


Just like Garza, another great crypto force seemingly taken down from social media overspending. It must take a lot of money to keep up those images.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why didn’t anyone call me to this party? I feel like I missed out. I mean the guy already ponzi’d and ran?


Sort of. He ran from Bitcoin-related forums and now hangs out on facebook. Has restricted withdrawals to prolong the agony.