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Yep this is the only ponzi I really made something from. All the others went bust before I got break even out of it.


Did he add a “fee” to you as well for calling him out?


I’m not sure how you managed to miss “this”… :slight_smile:


It’d have been nice to be ‘invoked’ with an @rootdude :slight_smile:



Mad photo editing skills that would make @Aethercollector weep :joy:


much font strength
such summoning

@rootdude you should learn counterspells so he can’t just summon you around whenever he choose :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated StakeMiners balance sheet below.

A couple of caveats:

NET explorer link provided by @cyberpinoy doesn’t work so I used this http://explorer.netcoin.io/address/nRAWBySK7wAm57biV9uNGASzWPZhsMPsQC

HBN explorer link doesn’t work either and as @vancefox explained there is no working one so I used last month’s balance for HBN.

As you can see the total value of StakeMiners assets is less than 42 BTC, or less than 1/3 of what @cyberpinoy is claiming to have “invested” (126 BTC). In other words @cyberpinoy collected 126 BTC from investors and has lost two thirds of investors’ funds.

Compared to last month the total value went down by more than 16% whereas @cyberpinoy is showing only a 1% decrease, i.e. the gap between @cyberpinoy’s lies and reality is widening. It looks like the decrease wasn’t just due to exchange rates because most coin balances are down too. It’s unclear where those coins went.


Maybe the maths is hard?

I did get one good piece of info from this, though - only NetCoin of all of the PoS coins is holding it’s own against stake sell-offs month by month. Maybe if we exclude the middleman (thief) we’d be doing pretty well with NetCoin.


That’s really nice of you to do for Leroy.
You should post it in a review on his FB page :smiley:





Lol at the "suchmoon"facebook account and the “stake miners investors group” :slight_smile:


Anyone got a link to this Facebook account? I would love to read his babble the next time nature calls.


He might of taken it down already… if you posted it on the timeline.
If you post it in the Review section, like some other people did :). He might not notice it or be able to take it down.

Search for Stakeminers.com if this doesn’t work.

FYI if you give the page 1-star then it will lower his average and people are more likely to look at the review you posted.


I posted a review, an image on the timeline, and a comment. He removed the things that he could remove but apparently he can’t remove a review:

He was kind enough to let me know that he doesn’t like it:


Hehehe good stuff :smile:


Stop posting the truth, it isn’t fair to his potential customers!


I had a feeling that the reviews couldn’t be taken down, after seeing a couple that weren’t removed.
Looking at Leroy’s page he sure likes to play a lot of FB games instead of investing monies…

That makes sense why Genesis Mining uses Yotpo testimonials then. So they have more control on the PR point.


…and woke up CyberDexter…


Got a bit of a discussion going last night here:


tl;dr: @cyberpinoy claims that “at any time those values can change and your attack is merely at the mercy of the coin markets.”

No ■■■■, a service that invests in altcoins is affected by the coin markets. Who could’ve thought. How about letting your customers know how much of that mercy they actually have.


Still having fun I see.