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not many reviews there, I’ll help out by posting one methinks.


I decided to join in and ask all the same questions I had before :smiley:
I don’t think any of you will get better answers on payouts.

@huskypower2015 Did you ever get a registration number or where stakeminers was incorporated at by Leroy?


Do it. Be objective and polite so anyone who comes across your review will actually value it as being genuine. Gotta love the fact that page managers can’t remove reviews on FB.

[quote=“Aethercollector, post:1753, topic:3925”]
@huskypower2015 Did you ever get a registration number or where stakeminers was incorporated at by Leroy?[/quote]

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I know it is comical to ask but it never hurts.

Leroy still wants to play CEO of an imaginary company and has it staffed by imaginary people. Along with his imaginary office space.

If Leroy does have such an imaginary registration number. Then I and all the concerned global citizens can email the real Philippines federal financial department, or what have you, and let them know what Leroy’s group is doing. While some might think this will result in nothing. All governments care about businesses not paying them taxes. Which I’m willing to wager he doesn’t do.


Weeeeee… that’s me :slight_smile:


"SOCIAL MEDIA You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. In addition we have accounts on several forums, however we have withdrawn from active participation on most forums due to the deterioration in the quality of the conversation related to our firm.

Nice new reviews you have going on there @cyberpinoy on the FB page. Which is the only place you do your groups updates. I’m sure @suchmoon will pay us all soon™ for the supposed trolling.
Let the games begin.


I’m calling FUD!

Peggy Haglock of St Clairsville, Ohio, has personally known Leroy for 20 plus years

Screenied it, if I can be bothered to cut it out and paste the review I’ll add it for posterity. And lols.


I’m about an hour or so outside of St. Clairseville, OH. Should see if she want to meet up for a beer and to chat… I really wonder if she even knows what stakeminers is, if she is in fact a real person.


Profile looks real enough, I wonder if she was paid, or the account hijacked?


I’m guessing she’s friends with Michael W or Michael Z
He’s also getting his family involved.


Yeah, just looked at her friends list, he’s there alright, so it’s possible she does actually know him somehow.

Doesn’t much look like your typical bitcoiner, but appearances can be deceptive.

I for instance, look like a model, but you’d never know there was actually a personality beyond these gorgeous looks, at first glance :slight_smile:


You too? I have problems fighting off the modeling agencies!


What Leroy doesn’t understand in asking people to write directly for him or about his character, is that its a dead give away he’s the only operator. Notice people aren’t saying that the team or group are intelligent people, just Leroy. Leroy’s the only mouth talking. One would expect Nigel Dollentas (Social Media operator) to maybe, you know, talk about the site and interact with people.

Edit - Found Nigel through the stakeminers twitter account. Looks like Leroy does pay him to still operate the twitter channel.


I see now @cyberpinoy.
Nigel lossely manages the social media. Which makes sense since he was born in the Philippines.

Tai Bui helped register the domain site and probably built the page.

Also if anyone is replying to any of the wonderful positive reviews from his friends/family. Be sure to cordial and clarify that we aren’t trolls. We can clearly communicate that Leroy and his shadow accomplices have ripped off communities.

@suchmoon I’m also sorry to report that the TOS still has spelling and grammar errors even though we painfully helped him with it. :joy: :scream:



Funny thing is he fixed some of the errors that were pointed out on Bitcointalk (like the numbering of TOS sections that was 24, 25, 26, 25 - now corrected to 27) but left others untouched. He probably can’t figure out what’s wrong with “principlal” or “pricipal” or “principle” (ok, this passes the spell checker but still) or “stking” or “fulfilment” or “oeration” or “sensative” or “repayed” or the comma infection in this sentence “If Stakeminers determines, after the fact, that in our opinion, price manipulation has occurred we reserve the right to cancel your deposit and refund to you, at the value provided to us, of your deposit”.



So she might have known our friend Leroy from when he was still in the US.


@Aethercollector: Not that I am aware of. Remember, this is a guy who did not send me a minute after the supposed “meeting of the BoD’s” where Leroy took it upon himself to change the terms without prior announcement and used me as an example for anyone who wants to challenge him.

F***er still owes me 0.92 BTC.

@suchmoon: Gleb knew this long ago. Don’t you follow his rants?


That last review is priceless. “If only these trolls new enough about the system…”.

@cyberpinoy Leroy, you are pathetic! I love the fact you think you can pool the wool over people’s eyes by having your friends write reviews about your ponzi. Invite them here, I’d love to pick their brain. Please tell them to come here and explain how stakeminers works, just as your one puppet eluded to in the last fake review of your ponzi.


LOL, he finally worked out how to prevent unwanted trolls like us to leave further comments on his shillpage.