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Not really. Even some of his shills don’t have all the privacy locks engaged and you can leave replies on some of the reviews. Which allows people to reply to them and engage them directly.
Remember to be polite, it STANDS OUT, as I can imagine Leroy asked his friends and family to protect his scam from the “trolls”.
Leroy still can’t prevent new reviews on the page and he doesn’t look to be paying for FB likes anymore.


I know, he posted like 2 million times that Leroy is from Ohio.


Really? I love this summary here:

There is a lot more, check out the post linked above.




Looks like @cyberpinoy caved in. I think the Facebook review campaign might have helped so thanks to everyone for your calm and factual posts.

Currently we have have 184 clients who have invested 126 BTC with a current altcoin value equivalent to 42 BTC. This a decline of 67%, which has been very noticeable on our earnings.

Edit: I think he’s being a bit creative with the numbers and trying to pin all this on the rise of the BTC exchange rate. He’s showing September as being at 100% but in fact it was 82 vs 107 BTC:

[Ponzi] PoS Coin Staking - StakeMiners.com

But at least the recent numbers are roughly correct.


Now, I’m a little bit impressed. It’s going to remain difficult for people in our industry to be dishonest with their customers all the while there are people willing to keep people honest, no matter how long it takes, or how much effort.

I still wouldn’t touch his service, but it’s good that people can now make a more informed choice, having access to the pertinent information.

What I’d like to see now is a return to the argument of whether or not staking is more profitable than mining. @cyberpinoy - fancy getting back to that discussion?


It can be as profitable if not more IF you pick the correct time to enter a coin. Or look at it from a long term perspective. Hyperstake for example has been dropping consistently because of the high rate of inflation not being equal to new adoption, hyperstake however is a bit different than other super stake coins, they have a max subsidy per block so over time the inflation rate will slowly dwindle and eventually the demand and supply will cross towards the upside.


Assuming, obviously, that demand can be sustained till that point and beyond, as I’ve born witness to recently with a certain other POS coin


Right, its like any other investment, all you can do is make your best call based on how you interpret the data.
Of course I could be wrong but hyperstakes chart “looks” like a “potential” bottom to me. It may fall even further as the inflation rate is currently 80+%/year but that # drops with every block minted. :smile:


Its interesting how none of his customers interact with any of his posts.
Its sort of funny to see him have to like his own posts now too.
Hopefully he comes up with moar numbers to satisfy your taunts at him :smile:

“Earnings Charts - As noted on our Facebook we revised 2 charts containing earnings data for the September - December period. The problem was we used averages to calculate earnings. It was a shortcut done to save time, but we should not have done it and we apologize for making this mistake.”

Next time he’ll try to use the actual numbers instead of averaging them.

Something else caught my eye.
“KYC Rules - At this time we are not implementing Know Your Customer (KYC) rules. When we are required to, we may outsource this to a third party company, in order to avoid handling your private information. Currently we are not facing a regulatory requirement to do so, but we understand that day may arrive.”

Its one thing to con monies out of people. His group also wants your information for possible identity theft.
Don’t worry they’ll store it with someone else because its too much of a hassle for them…
Might also have to do with them not being a real company either.


I think @cyberpinoy is just saying that to sound important. Does he have ANY kind of MSB registration anywhere in the world? Why would he need to comply with KYC/AML regulations if he’s operating underground anyway? Which authorities would he supply that customer data to?


The very first one that looked at him sideways and said Ummm, followed by anyone else in line that he thought would save his skin by rolling over


FYI @cyberdexter and @suchmoon my review was removed from by Facebook stating review “standards” (LOL) from the stakeminers page. Yours might be next.
Be sure to invite others to review Leroy’s operation and don’t use the words “scam or ponzi” since apparently FB doesn’t want to attempt to combat it on their system.


You can post a new one then, right? Great opportunity to make sure Leroy regrets that move. Hint: NET at 50 sat.


Well, you could always report the page itself as scam, fraud, disturbing content. I guess if enough people report the page then Facebook will shut it down. Wouldn’t be the first page and sure wont be the last.


I reported it
Unfortunately FB is mostly concerned with drugs and nudity first.
Financial scams they suggest you just block the content.
I flagged the page under something else though.


From the FB page… you know the media outlet that Leroy likes to claim isn’t the best way to gather information.

"Stakeminers - This Week - 25 January 2016

The Future of PoS Mining<
Visit us on Facebook:
Earnings - Earnings fell from 0.58% last week to 0.56%, a decline of 0.02%.
Minimum - The minimum deposit is 0.05 BTC as of 25 January 2016.
Withdrawals - The current principal payout rate is 0.35 BTC per week. There are 7 principal withdrawals in progress.
Altcoin - Prices remain weak. Netcoins Phase 2 has officially kicked in. We are now receiving only a return 45% a year down from 100%, which will impact earnings.
Account Changes - Please see your Dashboard and Weekly Earnings page for changes. The Dashboard page now displays the value of the bitcoin invested and the current value of the stakepool altcoins (expressed in bitcoin). On your Weekly Earnings page you can now track your principal withdrawal as it is paid out.
Altcoin Wallets - A reminder that Stakeminers has established separate altcoin wallets for deposits of altcoins we stake. Please see the ‘Wallet Address’ page on our site and contact us if you need a specific altcoin address.
It’s been a rough month in the crypto marketplace so let’s hope for better in February.
Have a good week.

Stakeminers.com is a crypto-currency altcoin Proof of Stake (POS) company with current holdings in 12 altcoins. We provide our clients with a variable rate of return generated from our stake pool earnings.
Please see our website Stakeminers.com or email us at: info (at) stakeminers.com for more information.
Our support service operates on Philippines time, EST+12 / GMT-12. We will confirm your email and offer an expected response time, normally within 12 hours."


Well done @cyberpinoy with this new honest and transparent thing. Coz nothing says “ponzi” quite like restricted withdrawals.

@cyberpinoy take a look at this map. You might learn something.


You should post that on the FB page for him :smiley:


A first I though I was having a stroke…nope. My math was off:

Time % relative_time(GMT) + leroys_terrible_mathz = EST + 12

Agreed with AC, post that on the book of faces and watch leorys’ change.


Off topic:

Holy ■■■■…totally did not know we were on a basic time schedule. We need to standardize time! What’s up with all the 5.5 departures, the odd zone in the group, (+1 around a bunch of zeros? Way to go Africa!)?

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