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GMT old chap, it’s all you need. It’s as solidly dependably reliable as any thing British.

Except pierce morgan.

No, we’re not having him back.


■■■■…the Canuck’s gave us Bieber, the Aussies Murdoch, the Brits Morgan…

Look, I know you are still upset about losing the Great War, but C’mon…were pals now!

Still I agree. The aviation industry uses Zulu to account for weather, flights, and traffic. One simple time.

Also, it must be in the XX00 format as well. ■■■■ this AM/PM ■■■■!


Really? I thought he was on of yours, natural born and bred?!

I feel bad now and I owe America an apology.

We’re still not taking pierce ■■■■■■■ morgan back though :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup gift(curse) from Canada…at least we have Celine Dion! shudders

Here, lets make a deal: You take Murdoch, well keep the BBC reject. fair?


Do we have to promise to keep him safe from harm etc, or are there no such caveats?


I mean…he’s already dead…

I hear Cameron needs a new fetish!


It’s only the lizard in him which keeps him moving now, I suspect…

Yeah…we’ve all done som (or at lest fantasised about doing) some crazy things, but man…sticking your bits in a dead pig?! In front of your friends…

I guess that’s the sort of thing that can happen when you lock a bunch of effeminate boys alone in a school together with hardly a female in sight…



Also, yes…when there is no laides in sight, you bunk buddy seems to be developing a sweet ass…really…sweet…yeah…


UTC all the way!!


Also…■■■■ daylight saving time!


Great job removing @cyberdexter’s and a couple other 1 star reviews on the FB page @cyberpinoy
Too bad its not stopping people from withdrawing from your ponzi.


censorship goes a long way when you claim to be transparent @cyberpinoy :laughing:


February update - looks like @cyberpinoy is still lying. He’s claiming that StakeMiners has 35 BTC worth of altcoins:

but I could only find ~24 BTC, a decline of ~40% from January:

A few caveats. I used the exchange rates and the wallet addresses displayed on StakeMiners website and only double-checked a few Bittrex rates (NET, OK, HYPER). For some of the coins I’m not even sure what exchange carries them after the demise of Cryptsy. XQN doesn’t have a working block explorer so I kept the balance unchanged from last month. Most other coin balances (except BITB) declined so it would appear that @cyberpinoy is selling them off.


I really wish FB would take financial scams more serious than, “oh we can hide the content for you”.
Its too bad, if they shut off his page. Even if you show them the math or site he runs… being a fake business/ceo.


yes, I wrote a complaint about that too, mayber a certain number of reports will trigger a human appreciation?


I have a minute or two a day I could make a report. :slightly_smiling:
I know @suchmoon and others could easily post numbers in the short report window.
Every 24-hours, to avoid spamming, for a couple days might trigger something.


Only if you are willing to report his organization is funding terrorism, you won’t hear a damn thing!


That’s a pretty easy sell for anything related to Bitcoin…
Only anonymous crypto terrorists use it :see_no_evil:


That would actually explain a lot. We are laughing at @cyberpinoy thinking he’s totally inept but maybe he just laundered 100 BTC. And all this probably was just a test run preparing for a $30 million transfer from Nigeria :laughing:


Great @cyberpinoy, you found new people to accept you!?


Hey @suchmoon do you think a ghost town can buy into his ponzi to sustain him?