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Ghosts are notoriously shady, not sure if that would be a good match for such a trustworthy entrepreneur like @cyberpinoy.


@cyberpinoy is on a facebook trolling spree. tl;dr: @suchmoon ruined StakeMiners and let’s get rid of withdrawals.


“our issues at this time remain the low minimum and the lack of new deposits.”

Isn’t it curious how Ponzi Schemes start collapsing about the time they stop getting new deposits ?



Bu-bu-but your a BIaaAAATCCCHHH and big dummy head!
You know nothing if Fodor family’s brilliance!

@Daffy We know you made a profit from this Ponzi before it crumbles, congrats.
Might we also know if said profit in Stakeminers was more than your GHX profits. Mind you this would only be between the periods you were in SM.
Leroy’s wife is making a bold claim.


Funny how he posts the feisty comments with Katrina’s account instead of his own, probably thinking this would make him look less of a tool.

Now to answer @cyberpinoy’s claims about the first 5 months… what ■■■■■■■ difference does it make if he still ended up losing 100+ BTC in the end.


Here are the stats.0.85BTC invested return 1.12580240 BTC

I started from the beginning but after I saw some calculations I knew it was time to quit and request my principal back.


Okay, so its a safe assessment that you made more profit by GHX (mining or trading the asset). Than the this Ponzi during your time.
Time to get nice and high to respond to Leroy’s lippy wife.


Also keep in mind that @cyberpinoy is (or was until recently) allowing to withdraw 100% of the original investment despite the actual value being a lot lower (20%-ish currently). So by definition anyone who withdraws would make a 100%+ ROI and anyone who stays would end up holding the bag.

His refusal to admit this idiocy is one of the main reasons for the collapse. No amount of Facebooking is going to save it.


sigh… I don’t know how to tell you this but…
we’ve tried to help him so much…



I’m trying to make my own magic box site…
Its not paying out that much though.

I don’t have pools of monies yet. Some fool put chlorine tablets in it, didn’t care for it, and ruined it. I just have some cups with the same mathematical principles as yours. I think they broke though…

The payout is just stacks of pennies and nickles…
Its like these coins want to ignore the Point of Stack principles or something.

Please share your brilliance with me!
I need to convince these cups to produce moar and ignore some maths… like these.


Staking is more profitable than mining anyway so… everyone stop fudding @cyberpinoy who has decades of experience not only in mining but also as Forex trader. :laughing:


Did you see his latest meltdown on facebook using his wife’s account? Completely changed my mind, I’m now going to sell my house, car, and kids to put everything into StakeMiners.


Well we’re children after all.
We should really take financial advice from Katrina and Leroy.
That’s why I’m cupping my monies up and trying real hard to copy SM!


Let’s see if I can transfer some of the most egregious @cyberpinoy’s bullshit into this thread where it belongs.

By 100% you mean losing 100% of your investors’ funds? You’re doing great at that.

Yes. For the most recent example read your “wife’s” Facebook posts or the thread this quote is from.

How about the “reduction” in asset value? What’s the ROI on the ORIGINAL investment, can you enlighten us on that?

If you’re referring to @huskypower2015 you overcharged him according to your own TOS. There was no doubt about that, his investment was more than 90 days old and should have been charged a 5% fee. You never provided a full formula how you came up with a fee that was 10%+. Lying multiple times about it doesn’t make it less of a lie.

Fantastic. What’s the amount of that “paycheck” for 1 BTC invested in September 2015? What’s the current principal value of that 1 BTC?

It’s actually your thread. Please troll here.

Welcome back. We missed you buddy.


Yeah I did and of course my own comment was deleted. He shouldn’t put the same typos into his text when using the Facebook account of someone else. LOL.

At least @cyberpinoy found something new to do around here, commenting on @rdyoung’s disappearance after dodging this thread for months.



@suchmoon Apparently Michael Zinck is still with Leroy helping him :smiley:


That’s what friends do. Ride that ponzi till the bitter end.

Actually he probably sank a sufficient amount of coinage into that ■■■■ and hopes to shill himself out of it. Kinda surprising to see Leroy giving him access to the Stakeminers.com account… makes him clearly complicit now.

And they yanked a huge comment thread for some reason:


Саша Водородов why you delete all questions? Last I asked can you give one number. How much withdrawals only, without payouts, site did in total since the beginning? I think I can calculate the rest.

Original here: http://i.snag.gy/HdkkA.jpg (very large image)


Oh wow I didn’t see that one. I’ve been playing in other sections.
Guess Leroy don’t like dem questions!


WOW @cyberpinoy you really don’t like questions do you!?

But you took my advice on the proper grammar for your last post…
@suchmoon Looks like Michael finally got educated on controlling the FB page and locked it down, since its their only place to prey on people. Wish Gleb a happy birthday and tell him Leroy is getting fuller on Leroy.