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Zinck is probably a secret agent trying to prevent StakeMiners from getting any new deposits. Well done.


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A year ago today, my friend and I finally had all the necessary research and tools we needed to put a true cloud mining operation together utilizing one of the most profitable
and efficient mining processes in crypto. We put a lot of thing in place to set us apart from the conventional Cloud mining services. And StakeMiners.com was one of the first of its kind.

We both had our situations with cloud mining and the scams that come along with them. So we used all the things people said could not be done, and we made one
of the best real income opportunities in crypto.

In the year we have been growing, we have been attacked, condemned, insulted,
criticized, ignored, laughed at, yelled at and just about anything else you can think of. But the truth is we have grown, we have flourished, we have become more and more transparent, and we still to this day, provide a great opportunity where people continue to make a weekly income from our service.

We have outlasted at least 3 similar services who tried and failed to provide what we do, we have built a team of people who are invested in the site who continue to build and strengthen This opportunity for our members.

It has been a very complicated and hard year, between the many things that have hit the crypto world, in addition to the consistent defending ourselves on the internet. But the fact still remains, we are a year old, we have over 180 members and we are holding fast to our values and principles and will continue to provide people in crypto with one of the best income opportunities in this industry.

So happy Birthday StakeMiners.com and thank you to it’s members for sticking with us, and thank you to it’s Board of Investors for all their time and effort May you have many more, because if there is one thing crypto needs it is more services like this one.

Oh ■■■■ no…



Brilliantly flourishing performance:

Note how he doesn’t dare to show a % decline here. Bruno @ Bitcointalk revealed cyberpinoy’s utter inability to handle math with percentages. Such entrepreneurship.


Thats effing insane… why the hell are they giving an investor that invested with some Sh$T coin back his original value in BTC instead of returning his original amount of the Sh%T coin he put in???

I mean flip this around lets say that Sh*t coin had tripled in value against BTC (stop laughing suchmoon) would the investor then get effed and receive 3 times less the value of the crap coin he put in???

the only two options left here are that leroy created stakeminers in order to cover his long term gamble on Sh*t coins… or he is the dumbest @$%T$%#$ ever!!!


I think - can’t be sure 'cause Leroy is lying every time he opens his mouth - but I think in this particular case he gave back the actual shitcoin however the accounting was done in BTC and never adjusted for exchange rates therefore the “decline” on paper.

Now for BTC-based investments he does still process withdrawals at the original value and he has ~19 BTC queued up for the next year or so (0.35 BTC per week limit).


Sorry for spamming this thread lately but it’s that time of the month again (HAHAHA @cyberpinoy) and I finally have some good news! StakeMiners assets increased by 3 BTC, mostly due to NET going up from 57 sat to 73 sat. CON and BITB wallets seem to have been liquidated. There is no functiong XQN explorer so I just used the balance shown on StakeMiners site.

However (you didn’t actually think this is all good news, did you?) I added up all staked amounts for the week and I came up with less than 0.2 BTC. @cyberpinoy has been claiming he’s paying out 0.4 BTC per week for the last few weeks and trying to maintain a claim of 0.5% payout even though that doesn’t add with anything else (0.4 BTC * 0.5% = 80 BTC, not that we need any more proof of Leroy’s fail at percentages).

And probably the payout is a bit higher this week (0.83 BTC - 0.35 BTC withdrawal quota = 0.48 BTC). Where does that money come from? So much for “selling our stakes to make our payouts”, huh Leroy? Help us understadn [sic] this please.


He’s still ignorant to the fact that StakeMiner’s is a staking venture not a mining operations… :laughing:


whenever I fell down or gloomy, I just come to this thread. that Leroy, what a laugh!



Be sure to pop by the FB page and give a one start review :smiley:
Maybe Leroy’s “wife” will contact you. :wink:


Nigel Dollentias still shows on the Bitcoinist.net page…

Hey @ManeBjorn! Hope your doing well as the Bitcoinist.net Editor-in-Chief. Still enjoy your reviews.
http://bitcoinist.net/avalon-6-review-3-5-ths-asic-bitcoin-miner-stable-powerful/ (most recent)

Were you able to get in touch with Nigel in regards to his relationship with StakeMiners.com and Leroy Fodor? As this ponzi project keeps on moving, I grow more concerned with some of the more impressionable, underage, players to it. Even if its a vague association or worse, him being compliant to play in the background. Look forward to hearing from you.


Been there, done that, got deleted :wink:


Think of it as an opportunity to post a new one.


@deeneendo Michael locked down the FB page a little more. They think they can halt reviews or content from the outside. Put down a one star review without text. Come back a couple days, edit the text, and finish it. Its what I did and they can’t take it down or reply :slight_smile:


I do speak with quite some time ago.
I’m not sure if Nigel is still part of it or not as he is on a hiatus from Bitcoinist.


I just tried, looks like I got blocked. LOL


Edit: nevermind, I got corrected by Bruno on this. Looks like the threshold is still 0.001 BTC.


Its like watching Final Destination on the slowest settings…

You know what’s going to happen to the ponzi but they have to say the magic lines…


Both archive.is and archive.org can’t access stakeminers.com anymore. @cyberpinoy really doesn’t want anyone to see how badly he’s mangling the TOS.


Access to this resource on the server is denied!