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The wayback machine eats bandwidth and when you’re struggling to pay the hosting bills I guess something has to give :wink:

Nah, you’re probably right there’s deliberate hiding going on :smiley:


I can see where this is going.

“Dear investards, we are suspending our website because bills. And switching to annual payouts because weekly is too much work.”


Much too simple. I think this one is more in line to what will happen.

“Dear investards, we have been hacked all our wallets are empty never mind the block explorers they are all wrong there is nothing in those addresses we published.”


“A bigger boy did it and ran away” ?


“some hacker locked us out of our wallets. We need everyone to send in ten BTC to pay a bounty in order (fund the ponzi) uhhh i mean to get them unlocked”


NOOB! :stuck_out_tongue:

(May last year but more recent versions are still available too.)


they have raised their mininum to 0.05btc

which sux cause i personally invested 0.01 ish 6+months ago as a test of roi

today i sit at 44% roi and my account is now under the minunum to earm
so total test equaled a 44% return before puttering out genesis style
fail imo
what if you would have invested 5btc? ;(


You would never see that money again. That’s what would happen.


Ouch, sorry to hear. Looks like @cyberpinoy does anything to keep the StakeMiners ponzi website alive for as long as he can…


Would you mind posting that email for transparency`s sake?



Account Buyout
StakeMiners Payments Add to contacts 27/03/2016
To: payments@stakeminers.com
Hello StakeMiners,

In an effort to allow our members to maintain weight on the pool which
can generate a weekly income, we have come to another Buyout of member
accounts. Our Goals are that every member has the equal opportunity to
receive a weekly payment from our service. We have marked your account
as one of the member accounts facing a buyout to meet this goal.

What can you do?

You can deposit enough to your account to equal the new minimum deposit
amount of 0.05 BTC which will allow you to continue to take part in our
service. This will not get you to the weight you need in order to
receive a payout every week, but allows you to increase your deposited
amount and to continue to add to it in the future to the amount needed.
Right now accounts holding 0.2 BTC or more collect a weekly payout from
our service. If your goal is to have a weekly payment from our service,
this is the amount you are looking to have deposited to your account to
achieve this.

We can not guarantee that anything less than the 0.2 BTC needed to
generate the income for a payout every week will not be facing a buyout
in the future. SO this may be something you would like to take into
consideration when making the decision of what you will do.

If you no longer wish to take part in our service, or do not wish to
increase your deposited amount, that is not a problem, you do not have
to do anything. Next week we will be buying out all the accounts who
have not increased their deposited amount to the proper level, and that
payment will be sent after payouts for the members are processed.

If you have any questions please email and let us know.

Thank you,

Leroy Fodor (cyberpinoy)


so needless to say i will be letting my account just run.
reading the email better it looks like i will get my investment back? idk its kinda confusing see what they send me i guess ;p


Your account will be “bought out”. No mention of the price he’s willing to pay… so much for allowing you to make an informed decision.


Were these buyouts in his (many times) revised TOS?


No. The minimum 0.05 BTC deposit is stated “effective January 26” but there is nothing regarding old deposits that don’t meet the minimum.


So enforcing new terms without any forwarning is your new game is it, @cyberpinoy?

So legit.


Looking forward to see your next update on the “buy-out”.

January 2026? Plenty of time… :stuck_out_tongue:


ya i never used the account as i had set it up to a different password as per my usual rotation and forgot it within the first 3 months.
and i have NEVER been able to find a password reset button on that site, so i just said screw it
i also was too noob at the time (about 8 months ago now) to set a new payout addy for easy ROI tracking and such with payments ;p
so in the end i just let the account sit the last 6+months, only just last week remembering the password (lol)
and logging in.
i think he will atleast roi me, looks pretty bad for a tiny account like mine to not roi in that time.
tho i wasent familiar with this operator’s shenanigans , i had seen one thread like a year ago about a dude who’s farm in the philipenes or something had burnt down? and now he was gonna open a staking pool? (something needed at the time imo so i threw small amount in when he opened)
but wow what a rollercoaster . funny how he thought he could have different accounting then the blockchains! haha


“suchmoon” why does that name ring a bell?..
other than tearing apart ponzi’s…hmmm
i believe have heard your name in my travels…
foretold legends of old…
whispered on the data streams…
can’t really place it but they told of you.

in times long ago…


Maybe it was my evil twin muchsoon?