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Bollocks to rules. Sorry guys, once a rebel, always a rebel. And why isn’t the word I started this with blocked? :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, whatever. I’ve never had to endure people calling me out on BS because everything I have done has been up front and honest, I know the limits of my abilities, and I ask for advice when I need it.

I don’t go around pretending to be something I’m not and I don’t try and get people to send me their money.

In fact, in the next few weeks, assuming the groundwork is ready, I’ll be launching a new site witha couple of people, and I’ll be coming to people here and on bitcoin talk to see if they can spot anything I’ve missed, and to see what the general thoughts are regarding the platform.

I’ll do that because I trust and respect the members of the community here, as well as a fair few voices on bitcoin talk.

Actually, I’ll probably just post this in your thread and link back here, if I can remember how to do that.



Transparency and open discussion is the motto here. Hiding behind PM and morlderating with a. Heavy hand is not. This is a community. Not a scam shill board.


Well I’m going to break the unspoken rules of this topic.

Seriously? So posing a question on a live chat can’t be avoided? The bigger question is why are you avoiding answering questions posted on a forum. Oh right they can’t be removed when the question or answer or reaction does not suite you.

I suggest you go to the stakeminers topic and start answering those questions that are posted several times and which you have always ignored.

Hmm edited that out did you? See now I know why you don’t like forums or message boards that keep history and prefer a live chat stuff that is difficult to record or preserve.

And another edit. See this is why @suchmoon likes this board so much because it always leaves a trace what people want to change.


Then start acting that way, because all i see is shilling, trolling and attacking anything and everything that si either a direct or indirect competition to your forum, your mining preference or your views. And you have some nerve to talk about moderating with a Heavy hand, sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

Daffy I changed the post not to be hiding anything but to follow the rules of the OP as your GH Team admin insulted me about. And this is the exact behavior i was talking about with you guys. I was mocked for not following the rules of the post, then I changed it to be in accordance with the ruiles, then you guys mock me for following the rules and try to pass a half truth like i was trying to hide something.

This is NOT a community, so stop trying to make yourself and other believe so, this is a HIGHLY over moderated, message Board where if anyone does or says anything against the beliefs of those running it, they are marked as scammers.


Where is that Mirror when you need it Nemesio??


All business here is operates in the open on the forum and transparent. Get out of here with your ignorant uneducated self. Stakeminers isn’t a business and when those invested in and abided by the ToS you had the audacity to alter them last minute with no forewarning to only benefit you and hinder your investors. This is not trolling this is statements backed by facts.

Feigning ignorance is not an excuse for criminal negligence


Conundrum: What if you lack the meta-cognition to realize that you, yourself, have a flawed thought process, and are wrong ?


And that is your problem right there. If your business can not see a public discussion then there is something wrong with the business. But you can’t seem to understand that that the public perception of what a business does can make or break a business. And the public perception of your business is broken beyond repair due to your unwillingness to answer the most simple questions.



Is there an issue? I am more than happy to step in to calm matters here.

I have full faith in the staff here and this board hides nothing - everyone Can see every edit.





But I imagine a certain someone who shall remain unnamed is doing this right now


Me too. While rant rules are good to be guided by. We won’t be losing our nerves or minds if periodically we show the difference of what its expected intent is. I think its healthy and cathartic.

An easy example of this I posted just two days ago here…

Well @bitmaster1 thought this meant this was about his site.
It wasn’t. I was looking over the new HYIP-MNO site and watching what sites show up on social media/forums.

BUT Chantha and Leroy want to make it about them. With ■■■■ posts on rants instead if on the relevant threads. It looks exactly like it is.

I’m going to do something crazy now and some might find odd.
Its crazy vs crazy tactics here!
I’m going to upvote Leroy’s ■■■■ post(s-?) in rants.

It’s the only thing apparently he is GOOD at. :smiley:
Chantha doesn’t get them. He just spams links to his site.
I’ll post my usually, more logical, retorts on the relevant threads after getting well ■■■■■■ up later.


Doesn’t sleep with dudes
Back on topic, why are there nearly no women in crypto?

If there were more women we wouldn’t be in this constant cock-fighting match :two_women_holding_hands:


Can we get this Stakeminers stuff (including this post) moved to the Stakeminers thread? Except maybe Leroy’s first post, it was kinda sorta almost a legit rant.


As someone who maintains a fully transparent “staking” asset here on gethashing, I feel I must call BS on these claims that GH attacks anything because of competition. MNX is backed by DASH masternodes, which receive rewards for contributing to network security, similar to PoS. We’ve been operating for almost a year now, exclusively on this forum, and no-one has given me any grief.

If you’re being attacked, it’s because you have failed to provide proof of legitimacy. No transparent asset on gethashing has ever come under attack. Hell, BTCB is a direct competition to GHX (both are mining assets) and has never been attacked, because it was fully explained and the numbers make sense.


PonziMiner still up and running? must have been those strict withdrawal rules :smiley:


[quote=“cyberpinoy, post:192, topic:209”]
I have wanted to throw the towel in, but people advised me, don’t. that is exactly what they want. You work hard, you provide a good service and they do not want to see that.

We’ve been over this with you. You want to play banker with peoples crypto, operate globally yet not register your “business service” anywhere for liability/risk, and communicate in restrictive selective formats to enable your fraud from being noticed. Respect is earned, not given.

This is what global, open, free speech looks like. I understand your fear of it.
Its the human, open-ledger, system.
A common denominator with fraud and ponzi schemes are the operator(s) want to communicate in restrictive formats to give them the advantage to exploit selective knowledge-bases.

The community here and on BCT have users from all different paths of life. All with different concerns and questions. Naturally the discourse should stay out in the open for all users to benefit. Potential or otherwise users should be able to communicate with their inquiries to the operator(s). Additionally this forum software allows everyone to see not only what is being communicated but also what is edited.

A recent podcast from Andreas Antonopolous talks about crypto and the communication censorship going on with it.

Then I suggest you make like a tree and leave the cryptoverse.
Until then your tree that branches into our world will have more visiting barks at it.
I learned a lot about a curious dog and meddling kids.


Leo the Lyin’ is at it again I see?

*Shuffles to find card with SEC phone# on it.



It is about to be our one year anniversary of having known Leroy’s project Stakeminers.com. We’ve learned so much and hopefully grown as a community.


First team stated by Leroy in July’15
1 Cheif Executive Officer - cyberpinoy
1 Chairman - s3v3nh4cks
1 Cheif Financial Officer - wofvman
1 Vice Chairman - Terrik
1 Trustee Head Officer - Razorh01
1 Secretary - ukmayhem
4 Trustees - LuisCorinthiano

  • mszinck

Event- Sep’15: @s3v3nh4cks leaves.
“The reason I left was I had some of my own questions. As the Chairman of the BOI I felt I should get the answers to the questions I asked and when the answers were not acceptable, I left.”

I and many agree.

Event-New team formation later in Sep’15.
CEO-Leroy Fodor- @cyberpinoy (multiple places)
CFO-Tai Bui-Wofvman (BCT)
Chairmen-Michael Wilterdink-Terrik (BCT)
Vice Chairman-Michael Zinck-Mzinck (multiple places)
Social Media Officer-Nigel Dollentas- precrime3 (multiple places)
Secretary-Graham Smith- Ukmayhem
Trustee-Luis Magalhaes-LuisCorinthiano
Trustee-Ilya Oleynik-Gribgo (BCT)
Trustee-@huskypower2015 (GH+BCT)
Trustee-Diamante (unknown)

Event- Sep’15 Trustee huskypower2015 speaks out how Leroy conducts “business” with a trustee. Its horrifying. Not just in Leroy’s poor communication and changes in “policy” but that there is no formal “business” documentation for the “business service”. As time progressed, it was shown Leroy decides really whatever he wants on how to release coins back. If he doesn’t have the money though, you’ll be waiting. Eventually on exit in Oct’15, huskypower2015 is shorted 0.9 BTC because Leroy stated reasons. Huskypower2015 attempts to warn other members using the emails provided by Leroy. Ultimately finding that there is no reply. (1400-1500 page range)

This would be insane for a real business service.

As more time passes. Leroy is no longer trusted on larger open forums such as GH and BCT. Eventually making Facebook the only way to post about Stakeminers in a format that allows few questions to be openly express about the site/service.

As we come to the anniversary of SM being introduced to us at GH. We find Leroy and SM has joined the “community” at Crypto-City. Which allows him to continue the ponzi and communicate it as he sees fit.

The current picture as I see it is as follows.
Team line up as I see it for Mar 2016.

CEO-Leroy Fodor- @cyberpinoy (multiple places)
CFO-Tai Bui-Wofvman (BCT) - Registered owner of SM (Removed association in FB of SM)
Chairmen-Michael Wilterdink-Terrik (BCT)- still online presence.
Vice Chairman-Michael Zinck-Mzinck (multiple places)- (Removed FB association/deleted accounts). Took over RXcoin (opinion: will likely roll it into exploitation under SM).
Social Media Officer-Nigel Dollentas- precrime3 (multiple places)- still online presence.
Secretary-Graham Smith- Ukmayhem. (sort of stagnant online presence.)
Trustee-Luis Magalhaes-LuisCorinthiano- (I don’t think he has any idea what’s happening.)
Trustee-Ilya Oleynik-Gribgo (BCT)- (I don’t think he has any idea what’s happening.)
Trustee-@huskypower2015 (GH+BCT)- Left.
Trustee-Diamante (unknown)- still unknown; please assist with sight on this user.

In this past year with my personal investments (outside crypto as well) I’ve seen blockchain-ledgers and human-ledgers interact. While we move forward to this era of utilizing mathematics to ensure or promote trust. The human ledger systems of trust is interesting to see endure on in different measurements. That’s what this message is about. A social fork to the Leroy/SM situation. This isn’t limited to SM interactions either. Globally I can see these type of dishonest attempts upon people that don’t know what cryptocurrency fully is or how to utilize it.

It won’t stop though. Cheating, exploitation’s, and so on will always be something we have to commonly update each other on if we want to participate in the social contracts we interact with.
While its simple and cathartic to taunt Leroy with calling him a scammer or whatnot. It teaches him nothing, along with the people after him, or the crypto community at large how to move on with the behavior. The deception just moves to a different layer of interaction somewhere else.

I’m going forward with the social fork to this script.
It seems to yield more results and multiple mammals seem to respond to it.

First @s3v3nh4cks and @huskypower2015 thank you for coming forward to the crypto community at large. Your experience through this. Your words might not seem like much but your the definite human ledger of this topic as Leroy established your pseudo-names with him. Whether it be small or at large shown to the world. Thank you for your truth.

Trustee-Luis Magalhaes-LuisCorinthiano-Crypto community. I’ve done a ‘light’ scan of this user. He’s seems genuine and occupied with his lovely wife and pursuing his medical career. After viewing updated information and pictures. I will suggest you treat him as neutral and unaware of what Leroy has done with whatever principle/assets he’s given to this project. If anyone knows otherwise and can link it. We’re open to see it.
Trustee-Ilya Oleynik-Gribgo (BCT)-I’ve messaged on BCT and pointed you here to make you aware publicly of this ongoing issue. Any response would be appreciated at this point to hear what you’ve experienced with being associated with this project. Whether it be through BCT, GH, or whatnot. We will see it.

I don’t think a lot of the named players are aware of their identities or work being used with this project. Please take precautions where evidence places the players.

Secretary-Graham Smith- Ukmayhem. Please contribute to this topic anywhere of your experience with this project. If anyone is available to contact this user, please do so as its continuing beyond a year now without their interaction.

Hey Nigel aka mtwelve (BCT)
You want to be a writer? You seem adamant on it with your solicitations everywhere across the internet over some time. Isn’t kind of weird that someone had to pull on you through different strings to get your attention here?
As you’ve said on - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=970355.0 "Ballpark rate is $20+ per 500 words. Depending on the due date, word count, etc. price will change."
OPEN OFFER: Write your experience with the Stakeminers.com project, association with Leroy Foror and Tai Bui, and how the blockchain impacts ‘real life’ scenarios.
3,000 words (or more) due by (May 7th- UTC 12am) (IN this GHforum thread.) - $50 USD-BTC. You will have to prove through twitter or 3rd party verification that your account posting the wallet claiming the reward is authentic at this point. If you would like to respond to the offer please post the stipulations. You will find this community jovial and serious in the commerce of crypto.

Yes, this is below your requested offer for writing. 25cents a word is ridiculous. It’s a blatant challenge to you at 17yo (ha you should read the Stakeminers TOS on age requirements). The vanity your going through with your haircut(s) isn’t that valuable on reddit or on here. Do something else with your digital presence. (Nigel you have a symmetric face, your handsome, don’t worry about your hair. It grows back and you can do more to it later. Wash your face and be authentic to whom you want to aspire to online. The acme clears and you become something greater than those hormones pumping through you.)

If you’re truly aspiring to be a writer you should be aware if people don’t trust you. They won’t read you. Your reputation will bored with your lack of heart in which to write with. That is what makes a more prominent writer; reporting from the heart to mind. If you carry no tone or distinction. A bot or simulation can replace you. A couple of sites already utilize bot writing openly. Which is already being done.

Kinda of chilling… but the great thing about the human experience is that possibly others have already gone through this or something similar.
Nigel. After considering this all. Please talk to Scott Fargo from Bitcoinist.net that I know is in your network. He’s already been through something brutally similar to this (Garza) He can explain differences and importance of the extra 0’s being involved between assets involved. Please take the time to ignore everyone after you read the challenge, talk to Fargo, and then respond.

I look forward to your counter offer if any. This community is very open to negotiations. Disputing what other might say.

As for the rest of you.

I’ve seen small businesses mask and orchestrate better fraud than you. Good thing your not operating with any licence and outside any jurisdiction of the international law that could reasonably be permitted.

Vice Chairman-Michael Zinck-Mzinck (multiple places)- (Removed FB association/deleted accounts). Took over RXcoin (opinion: will likely roll it into exploitation under SM). Michael Zinck- I cannot get in touch with. Your actions with taking over XRcoin seems definitive. I do hope someone contacts you to make it aware of how Leroy represents Stakeminer.com. Looking at your history with volunteering with projects over the years tells me you know what finance is and what it can be.

CEO-Leroy Fodor- @cyberpinoy (multiple places)
You be you. We’ll be us.
There’s no other way to say this. The things you think or stating online no reasonably person or entity agrees with on how you proceed with this project. Your family and friends will eventually see it. Your not fooling anyone online with this fake business adventure. Your daughter will eventually read and inquire about this when she’s made aware of it. The mistakes you make are observed by her and will be revisited upon you as well.

CFO-Tai Bui-Wofvman (BCT) - Registered owner of SM (Removed association in FB of SM).
The silent name being registered for risk between this all. Yet nothing to say anywhere. Interesting…

Some of you know crypto. Most of you need to be taught about how crypto works and how it creates an interesting ripple when used.

Ultimately the BOI/BOD or whatever made up fantasy group it is should vote out Leroy Fodor if its even possible with fake rules.
Seriously none of you are held by any real rules or contracts that I can tell from this viewpoint. Create your own fork to this.

I look forward to something new this year as we move through this.