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To be fair - this is intertubes, you can’t really expect a nefarious person to just rob you blind on the spot. Yes, everyone will be nice until they take and/or squander your money. The likes of Leroy will keep smiling and lying to your face while letting 70%+ of your investment go down the drain.

The good part about crypto is that a lot of the claims can be verified via blockchain and other resources. However it still puzzles me why most of the StakeMiners investors didn’t take advantage of that and didn’t withdraw when the warning signs first appeared. E.g. in September the value of the assets was down only about ~25% compared to ~70% in January.


You’re absolutely right. I actually had to pull the majority of my funds for a personal emergency and ended up making a profit, so I’m probably not the best example to speak to regarding that.

Again, also right.


I have talked to Scott regarding his interactions with Josh Garza, and he has also given me some advice on the situation. I’ll most likely be taking his advice. I’ll let you know what comes from it.


@cyberpinoy Its not just us that smell those dirty chains.
I think I found a new toy explorer to utilize :slight_smile:


The SM story isn’t done yet.
Its actors are still trying to play a game with all of us in the cryptoverse.
Their hidden chapters being found and different times…


I found it strange @bitmaster1 (Chantha) showed up here on GH with already being friends with the actors of SM on Crime-City and on FB. After digging up Chantha’s past of securities fraud and horrid bot nets in imitation social media knockoff’s. I was curious myself who was helping Chantha and now its blatant now.

As Michael Zinck took over Ratecoin and removed it from the BCT forum. He set it up at Crime-City. Where he left a new clue to what will be attempted next. Michael was able to register a site with no content in it so it could be at least posted on Cryptopia but that’s not all.
“Pay Services” - July 23rd Hard Fork.
Follow the butterfly…


http://dcebrief.com/the-launch-of-payservices-com-has-come/ - PR fluff.
https://www.payservices.com/currency.php?type=crypto&q=UXRA - WOW Ratecoin is just one of many currencies this company plans on transacting. How great for Ratecoin!
Those offices should be ready to run with money licences and so on…

North America - Florida - PayServices, INC.
The PDF at the bottom is interesting and points to a cross registration to another shell company in Delaware. Corporate Access, INC. which is live but everyone should google to get a kick out of it.
No licence for money transacting and definitely shelling for the fraud.

Then there’s this New York registration
"Selected Entity Name: MERCADO REVOLUTION INC." - How interesting another shell-shell game.
No licence for money transacting either or crypto

Looks like they couldn’t stay in Israel under PayServices LTD though.

This is shaping up to be international money laundering to me.

@precrime3 - While my approach to gather your attention in regards to this group might of been abrasive. I think it was very good of you to leave this SM group. I hope you’ve learned plenty and continually learning what people can be doing in this environment.

@ManeBjorn - These type of schemes and frauds will most likely be more rampant in the next year(s). I can imagine shell companies setup in 3mo and a card merchant that thinks a valid crypto can be used through them. Just another thing to write about :wink:

Keep holding your bits people :smiley:


cross posting this from btctalk - after all this time, surprise this was a scam! :smiley:

awesome news people! only 2.8 btc left in this train-wreck

[quote]StakeMiners - This Week - 08 May 2017
Since March 2015

Weekly Data
Stakepool: Altcoins = 2.8 BTC
Ratecoin holdings 6,332,077 about 6.04% of supply.

– Stakepool Account Changes
Effective Monday, May 8, 2017 StakeMiners account will be marked to the value of the clients percentage (%) of the altcoins which form the stakepool. This will remove any direct peg of the value of the altcoins to either BTC or USD which eliminates any liability associated with the change in price of Bitcoin.

We recognizes and understand that this action will result in a major devaluation for depositors, however there is no reasonable expectation, the company can repay either the BTC or USD value of the deposits at this time. That left us with the option to eliminate the BTC/USD peg or close the stakepool. We have choosen to continue.

This change will not effect your weekly earnings as your weight on the stakepool will remain the same.
Our efforts will now focus on rebuilding our stakepool and the generation of weekly earnings from the staking of altcoins.
– Altcoin Withdrawal
A major altcoin depositor who held 25% of coins in 4 wallets has withdrawan and sold his altcoins. This explains the significant reduction in the size of the stakepool.
– Bitcoin Deposits
Bitcoin deposits will now be accepted and will be used to purchase Ratecoin [XRA], unless the client instructs us to purchase another altcoin we stake.
– Client Specific Altcoin Deposits
We will accept and establish a wallet for staking client specific altcoins. We currently have 3 such client specific altcoin wallets. Please contact StakeMiners for more information.
– Ratecoin (XRA)
Our wallet is good, the coin stakes well and we invite you to make it a part of your crypto holdings. You can follow Ratecoin on Twitter at: @RatecoinXRA. We maximize your return by optimizing our stake block sizes to maintain high staking weight on the network.
Stake Rate Return
(minimum reward of 100 XRA)
0-1 Days Age: 0.25%
1-2 Days Age: 1%
2-4 Days Age: 1.5%
4-8 Days Age: 2.25%
8-16 Days Age: 3.375%
16-32 Days Age: 5.0625%
32-64 Days Age: 7.5938%
64-128 Days Age: 11.3906%
128-256 Days Age: 17.0859%
256+ Days: 25.6289%
Thank you for your continued support.

StakeMiners.com is a crypto-currency altcoin Proof of Stake (POS) company with 4 active altcoin wallets. Please visit our Facebook page or our RateCoin XRA forum on Crypto-City. You can email us at: info@stakeminers.com.[/quote]

see he never scammed anyone :joy: :joy: :joy: we all knew that leroy fodor was a basket case so there is no reasonable expectation that he would not ■■■■ away most of the coins (110[btc]+). only dirt and dust left

in conclusion:

August 2015

01 May 2017

08 May 2017