Powerline adapter definitely works


I was trying something today to move my S4 from my smallish utility room out to my garage. The S4 is a LOUD box, putting out a fair amount of heat and the utility room was really warm.

I had a set of Zyxel power line adapters I’d been using for a VoIP ATA for years now without issue. They’re here:

I put one of them in the garage and it synced up immediately! Great news! I moved the S4 out there and it had no issues connecting and hashing away. Now it’s much quieter and puts out colder air (since it’s 40 in the garage).

Well worth the time and energy to move that monster.

Interwebs through the powerline

Yeah I’ve got 4 of the Belkn 1GH adapters for my house.
They work great for the most part.
Some issues since my floors are wired to different electrical boxes so that causes intermittent issues everyonce in awhile.
But I highly recommend them as a solution


Very true, my basement was a completely separate wiring job to a different panel so this wouldn’t have worked except on my main floor and upstairs.


I have them here in the old house and the new part of the house, same ringmains apparently - so I have no issues (some of the walls are 3ft thick here). So they have done really good for me :slight_smile:


Yeah, I have an old house so wireless is a no go. I did cable up with CAT5 though the last time I was doing some work so have most rooms covered :smiley:

(Who doesn’t have a CAT5 socket in their kitchen beside the phone socket these days?)


We do in our basement and 1st floor. My dad and I ran cabling before we finished our basement. Sadly the 2nd floor would be a complete pain to run cabling to through the walls.


I built a house 15 years ago and wired everything Cat 6 at that time.
Went a little overboard, 1300 sq ft house, 23 cat 6 drops lol.

When we moved, we bought a 30+ year old townhouse thats 2800 sq ft, where everything is thick thick thick walls and was too much hassle to cable.
I now have cat6 cable runs taped throughout the house and use the powerline adapters for some of the rooms.
The wife likes that better than my duct taped cabled everywhere lol


I’ve got 4 of these, they work fine for my miners… I just looked and they’re out of stock, though.

$18 for 2. Like I said, out of stock currently and I’m not sure if they will be again.


These are the ones I picked up about 4 years ago, not sure if they are available still

I wanted the most bw I could get since I knew they wouldnt ever come close to advertised speeds.
Since I have 10GB NICs in my NAS being able to push as much as possible to these was a consideration


I have used Netgear ones (XAV5001), they worked like a charm on their own circuit but as soon as something else would be plugged in the circuit it would create issues. I’m sure it would have worked fine for miners and basic stuff but was a pain for HD video since I was using it to stream HD to my TV.


I would never try HD video over one, but VoIP works great.