Probably biggest revelation about GAW to date


If this doesn’t make you run away from GAW/Paybase, nothing will and there’s nothing I can do about it

for those that haven’t read Eric’s (zen’s Eric) post in bitcointalk


"I am currently weighing my options on how HONEST I can be at this time… The exit NDA certainly targets such activity… At the same time, I am aware that certain protections are afforded to people in this situation, so like I said, I am reviewing my options.

I will say this much, they were sure quick to lock my resignation thread after the overwhelming positive response it was receiving… Not even sure it exists anymore after my being banned.


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I understand what you’re saying, but in this case, it’s not necessarily true. Eric works in Information Security, and there are many jobs in that industry, at least in the US, that require an absolutely clean criminal record. If his previous employer goes down in legal flames, and they start pointing fingers at him, that could be far more damning in the eyes of his new employer than having reported information to the appropriate authorities. Obviously, proper legal advice should be sought in either case.


Plus if you are known as a whistleblower and a company wants you, then you can at least expect them to be on the up and up with nothing to hide
See…Silver Lining


This “industry” needs more whistle blowers. Without them it’ll never become what it can be.


Good point. If a company didn’t want me because I’d reported a crime through appropriate channels, then it’s probably not the type of company I want to do business with anyway.


Gaw setup is such that only the top can see the whole picture.