Prodigi appreciation fund


I would like to ask this community to band together and lets start a fund for Prodigi. I feel very upset the way things played out with hashgear and found out through here that she has a sick child and was using her business to pay for the needed care. Now that hashgear will be no more let’s set aside something to help her out and show her what a good community can do in numbers. I am thinking of asking someone here like @cyberdexter to escrow the funds if that’s the best practice to keep this legit. I really loved how professional and courteous she has been and I know in my heart of hearts that this is the right thing to do. I am doing this without her knowledge and take it upon myself to pay any escrow fees associated with this. What do you say? Do I have everyone’s support?


I am in can you correct the spelling of appreciation in the topic. Also need a BTC address to send funds to I am sure other will need it as well. Thanks


Is escrow really necessary? If she provides a BTC address then we know what to do.


I agree. Don’t think we need an escrow on this just send any donations straight to Monica.

However, reading the thread at HT @PRODIGI said “we’re fine we got 3 businesses…”. So perhaps she’s not at comfort with the fund raiser.


If she posts an address then that’s what we will use. It’s up to her discretion. If she decides that this is not needed then I won’t pursue a fundraiser. My intent was to show love and support.


@coinminer you are doing the right thing from what I have read. Thanks


Would everyone agree to donate to a charity dear to the Texas scottish rite hospital for children in Dallas tx as a gesture of appreciation? I just want to show support however possible. I believe the crypto community is a loving and powerful group, I propose to demonstrating how positive we can be together. If @prodigi doesn’t need the help let’s all help others in need in prodigis name for all of her hard work. A tribute to what i believe we all stand for