HI guys, just wanted to start a thread for a great small pool i use. is a small profit-hunting custom scrypt coin switching pool. It’s really a great little system for those familar with it, its a Scrypt mining algo pool only, run by 2 brothers. They mine a plethora of coins, and offer a system to take payment in coins of your choosing with around 50 different choices, including FIAT to your coinbase, BTC, or a slider system of a % of whatever payments you want! :smile:i have used this site for almost a year now for the only hardwear i host in my own home, a set of 20 U3’s i got last summer, and i LOVE their site, its been very profitable for me. theres usually only around 30 miners on, tho they have become slightly more popular as of late. I encourage you to all take a look, try them out!
DISCLAIMER: You can’t ACTUALLY check them out, i spoke with one of the brothers (Chris) and apparently they had a server crash, site will be down a week :frowning: well then…
KEEP HASHING! :smiley:


I will keep it for reference and check in back in a week. Might be something for my Gridseeds to chew on :smile:


I’ve been on there about a week, then the server crashed. Rates weren’t too bad but my backup is which has been paying well due to better LTC prices.

The whole (sort of ridiculous in some ways) story of the crash is unfolding here

It’s not back yet.


I use ProHashing. Have used them for a few months now. One of my main scrypt pools.
I’ve a script that monitors some pools and automatically switches my miners to the most profitable. ProHashing was usually the chosen pool when West/Nice was not producing spikes. Yaamp was another one of my main 3, but it’s been down for awhile too - with no ETA of being back up. Hope to see ProHashing back up. It’s a good time to be down if it’s gotta be down though. LTC direct has been producing more than the multipools majority of the time. So for now I’ve got F2Pool doing merged LTC mining and it switches out to west/nice if they happen to spike above the LTC rate.


Looks like they just came back up. My miner has switched back to pool 0 :smile:
And the site is live too.


awesome. i cant access the site yet, do you have them added to your robots.txt?
EDIT : YAY it just came up for me :slight_smile: i encourage you all to try it out its my personal fav for scrypt mining :slight_smile:


Thank for sharing!


Yaamp appears back up to, but keep in mind with Yaamp displayed rates are not too accurate. Usually a good 5-10% lower than what it states in my experience. Some of that has to do with how yaamp exchanges coins and you don’t get paid until they are exchanged, but I think there are other factors as well.


I had my little scrypt rigs pointed there with the earnings being paid out in Netcoin (I like POS coins - sue me). Up until the crash that is, but good news is that the site is back up and running again :smile:


i also collect Netcoin as one of my 12 PoS stakes :slight_smile: looks like a cool coin


ProHashing is back to a decent payout today. Currently paying 0.00022484 BTC per MHs per day.
Not too shabby :smile:


Payouts are superb today. Looks like earning 2x yesterday :wink:

EDIT: Was actually a reporting thing so not 2x at all, but still an increase…


I was on there until this afternoon then it kept dropping out and restarting after 10 or 11 minutes. Eventually I dropped back onto my backup At least that’s steady.


You running extranonce? I had the same thing happen with a lot of multipools until firmware was updated to use it.
ProHashing was one of the pools that has shown improvement while using it.


I updated cgminer versions for my blade and blizzards and they run rock solid on prohashing, so there could well be something in that @cryptichermit!


thats actually how the pool works, it can have up to one minute work restarts, its part of their coin switching alg i am told.
EDIT: please do ask one of them tho, as i only have little info on how it works but i DO know thy have a really common quick work restart part of their coin-switch alg system.


Their work restarts have been solved for the most part.

Every once in a while, they ‘test’ a rigs’ ability to shift coins quickly - and if it is a Titan or another behemoth ASIC, they direct those towards the high-diff coins they mine (Litecoin, Monacoin, etc.) while pushing the smaller rigs towards the hundreds of low-diff coins they mine against multiple exchanges. All the coins go into a trade hopper, and the results are spread around to the miners regardless of what coins their rigs are mining. The smaller rigs are helped by the heavy lifters and vice-versa.

One of the best things about the pool is that it’s a straight up PPS (5%) meaning if you mine there for two hours, you get coins, period. I use a rotation of Nicehash > .25, Prohashing, and finally CoinOTron as a tertiary - all PPS so I don’t have shares sitting around out there waiting for coins someday. It’s really working the treat right now.

For those of you that know me, you’re probably wondering where my rental tier went in my mining. I’ve stopped renting my rigs at Betarigs because of FinalHash’s involvement with GAW, MRR is just plain problematic - I ended up giving away rental money back to renters who can’t figure out how to use a static diff to save their lives, and the site seems intent to coddle noob miners by giving them back their coins when they complain for no good reason… so… no more rig rentals for me. Don’t get me started on Mintsy; though I will say this, I investigated Mintsy the week they opened, and I opened a ticket to have them address allowing static diff rental stratum (my rigs puke against their slow reacting vardiff) and it’s been 60 days with no action on the request or ticket. F them.

Frankly, Chris and Steve have done a buttload of work on their systems, and they are the most consistently profitable pool in existence now. Strange that there are only 60-70 miners there at any one time - but frankly, moar for me (and @cryptichermit and @CjMapope).


My titan is on there intermittently. That’s because when they “test” it drops back to my backup pool, then switches back after a while. I can’t seem to stop that happening. I have it mining litecoin only with a diff of 65536, both set using the password field. That said it still appears to mine leafcoins, viacoins and dogecoin, as I have got 23 block finds since yesterday.
I’ve tried it with no options and it just freaks and goes back to my backup all the time.
Yesterday was the first day since the “crash” that I’ve been able to mine steadily on prohashing.
Even then, it still drops back every few hours to the backup. I get a few ltc from in the drop outs but I wish it didn’t drop out so much. If I leave it with litecoinpool as the primary pool it stays there for days, never drops out at all. Hoping to make a bit more on prohashing, but we’ll see I guess. I make around 9 ltc/day on litecoinpool.


Either post or PM me the config from the Mining tab on one of your Titans and let me have a look. I assume you are using the 2.0 image from KnC with BFG 5.1?

This is merged mining and doesn’t affect your stability. They are bonus coins on top of your Litecoins - prohashing sells them for you to add to your BTC or LTC payout (depending on what you request).

My rigs don’t do what you’re describing, so perhaps a look at your config will get it sorted.


My advanced settings are all set to default voltage and 325MHz. It seems to prefer that, otherwise it just starts losing dies and getting errors.
The options I have set for prohashing are :
in the password field -
d=65536 c=litecoin

and the url is stratum+tcp://

I tried using other settings in the password field but using --scan-time=1 doesn’t seem to help, it just doesn’t mine for ages, and using --no-longpoll results in nothing happening at all, it doesn’t even connect (says all pools are dead).

I would be interested in your settings to have a play though, Cheers :smile:

[edit] yes I have the 5.1 bfgminer titan 2.0 image.