Here’s the current output from BFGminer :


“pools”: [
“url”: “stratum+tcp://”,
“user”: “miner”,
“pass”: “d=8192 n=98”
“url”: “stratum+tcp://”,
“user”: “miner”,
“pass”: “x”
“scrypt-n”: 10,
“failover-only”: true,
“scan-time”: “1”

My suspicion is that you should add the failover-only statement to your config and give it another try. This solved my shares leaking to backup pools and giving me errors on the console - all of which caused my rigs to failover/failback pretty regularly. The URL was the one Chris and Steve were setting up for me to mine behind restrictive firewalls… you may want to give that a try after trying the failover statement.


Is that failover-only set by the mining settings on the Titan ? It is currently set to failover, but if that has to be hand edited I’ll give it a go. Where is the config located exactly ?


You would add that statement into the Manual Editor, save and restart the miner. The ‘Failover’ drop down at the bottom of the Mining page does something different (I think). No need to worry about where the config lives since you can manually edit from the WebUI (if you really want it, I can hunt it down, let me know).


Thanks, found the manual entry bit, never saw it before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Have a crack now I think …

cool, it’s done. I’ll report back after a few hours and see how it’s performing.

Thanks for that :smile:




Dudes - prohashing is popping the last 24 hours… if you’re not mining there right now, you are passing up on a smorgasbord - I’m even clocking up my rigs to take advantage of the pop…


Mining it right now. Love the coin selection :slight_smile:


Over 140 coins… much, much more than any other pool… and they add them almost immediately as they come on the markets.


i was already smiling, then LTC prise rose 20%…


I’m on it too :smile:
I was still having troubles with hash rate leakage, but as it turned out, my payouts from prohashing plus the leakage to litecoinpool turned out pretty well. LTC nearly doubled in price which was nice, and I’m hitting around 0.09 BTC per day on prohashing over the past couple of days.


For those of you who still have scrypt rigs to mine with, you are missing a profit-making opportunity right now… drop me a PM here or just sign up over at to get mining already.


maybe I’ll switch them back on tonight…got kind of used to the peace & quiet


Peace and quiet will be found in abundance when you are dead BoB! Get hashing buddy!


Sound advice :smiley:


Nice little run going on :smile:


You had to jinx it, right? :smile:


LOL, quite probably. On the other hand, my btcjam loan payment is due soon, so BTC will shoot up just after I pay :-/



I cleaned my dusty G-Blades and Pi and put them back to work. LTC at 4$+, ATM my G-Blades are more profitable compare to my S5 in term of cost VS profits ratio. Never see that coming :facepunch:
I like the user panel and profitability graph, thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:


the funny part is there WAS a rise there haha, we hit 265$ after you paid your loan! :smiley: