I sent a memo. You must have ignored it :wink:

The cost / earnings ratio for scrypt mining is very much in favor of mining scrypt over straight BTC. Even better if you bought all your rigs when LTC was at it’s lowest point in the last year and mined the ■■■■ out of it all the way up.

AND prohashing is THE place to mine.


i am slowly still building my 42 coin from Prohashing, love that place, but i have to admit i have switched alot of power over to for str8 LTC mining, it just keeps going up and up lol. i had my slider on Prohashing making room for LTC but with the price being so healthy LTC kept pushing aside hash allocation of other coins (i mine several at any given time) so i had to switch my LTC mining haha
i am currently mining: Netcoin, Potcoin, Vericoin, 42Coin, Peercoin,Blackcoin, HTML5, and RPC there


Today is my 4th straight day of over $30 payout. Not too shabby for scrypt mining :slight_smile: Long may it continue … :+1:


I know that Prohashing mines a lot of different coins, but I’m not sure how much of the earnings come from those other than LTC. I guess it must be a fair chunk, although when LTC jumped in value, payouts at Prohashing leaped up too.

What does anybody think the effect of LTC block halving will have on LTC prices or (prohashing) payouts in general ? Stay the same, go down, go up ?

I’m hoping they stay the same, but can just about live with a fall back to previous levels. Any lower and the Titan starts to look expensive to run.


I know, I’ve got used to it now. I was going to find some way to take advantage but knowing my luck it would fall !
Just call it my service to the community - BTC rises once per month around the 5th.
Paid this months early, so don’t know the effect yet. Only one more to go too, then I’ll be freeeeee !


This made me smile today. I still get a kick out of seeing “BLOCK!” in cgminer. Was playing with pointing hash from Westhash to prohashing (experiment resulted in a slight loss btw, even managing the price as low as possible through the day…)


This is why I asked for the enhancement to show a list of our blocks found. It is exciting to see those blocks pile up.


Don’t know what’s happening with prohashing today. Had a personal record payout for yesterday ($38) but just after the cutoff it all went pete tong. Had disconnect after disconnect from the stratum and kept bouncing back to my backup pool. I lost around 3 hours mining on PH, which isn’t too bad, but given the headline rate for today, it doesn’t seem to be picking up at all.

At current rates I’ll be lucky to see $22 for this shift. The estimate is for $48 given my hash rate - big difference, even after losing 3 hours. So I’m sticking to straight LTC mining for the rest of the day. Current prices will make me more than yesterday.

PH website was misbehaving yesterday too. Not sure if it’s related, or whether it’s a network issue from my end. Transatlantic lines might be busy …


EDIT - even my best rigs bounced yesterday from PH which was a real shame… but there are better days ahead. Spilled milk and all. FWIW, my backup pool (coinotron) produced a nice amount of LTC for me to hodl for a trade down the road. Backup a PPS pool with other PPS pools if possible - that way you get paid for shares submitted regardless of finding block solutions.


Thanks for that :slight_smile: Glad to see I’m not completely mad … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hey lost my password, you also picked up my coin and i want to mine here, how passreset?


Email Chris at and he’ll reset it for you.


oh, is that why he hasn’t had time to clean them dirty coins yet?


Wrong Chris :wink:


ya haha this Chris is one of 2 brothers that run Prohashing, and their pretty good dudes i have chatted with them many times about their project :slight_smile:


I had an odd thing on PH this morning. I was connected fine, all my cubes were hashing away, but for roughly an hour or so I was only submitting stale shares. I don’t know whether that was their end or mine, but it cost me a few dollars. I restarted BFGminer and it started accepting shares again. Is this Titan specific do you think ?


My gridseeds have been flaking out since last night and are now showing as “testing”

They tend to spaz out after running for more than a week consecutively so maybe it’s time for a break.


They tweeted about this last night… you may want to follow them there. #prohashing


Aah, not just me then :smile:


Not feeling special now?