LOL, I looked at my last submitted shares and it appeared to be midnight. Allowing for the time difference (this was nearly 4am UK time) I was puzzled. Looked at bfg miner and it didn’t click for a few minutes what was happening. Still, the Titan had been continuously running for over 3 days :smile:

edit: don’t know what happened there, 2 replies for the price of one - now I feel lucky :smile:


that email bounced, guess ill just create a new user account

#63 got me going. I, like you, locked myself out and they helped me reset. To make this happen you will have to send a small amount of coin from a wallet address listed in your account


yeah, no thanks, just going to create a new account tonight, since i dont have time to play games


Is prohashing down for anyone ? I can’t reach it from the uk. Tried landline and mobile, no joy.


Dude… follow them on twitter. Scheduled downtime today to move DB over to SSD. 12 hours or so starting 10AM EST.


Ah thanks :smile:
I don’t usually twit, guess I’ll have to start.


ya the front page re-directs to the forums post for mii so i knew from there :stuck_out_tongue:


All I get for the front page is ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Maybe because my browser has been running for days without a restart though :wink:


The site won’t be available until 10PM EST at the earliest.


Thanks, good to know. I’m running on backup pool


Ahh, finally got around to signing up there earlier, wondered why my miner wouldn’t connect


So it’s your fault @BoB :wink:




Saying good bye to prohashing as they could have at least made people aware of this down time. I had over 150 MH of scrypt pointed there and didn’t know it was down until a few minutes ago. Backup was down lol
So today was a total loss. :weary: :rage:


Sorry to hear that.
I ended up not getting the gridseed rig back up and running over the weekend for GIVER payouts, but now that you are pulling out I will make that a priority. Also priority will be to find another decent backup pool for when prohashing is down as nicehash seems to have trouble for me…


as far as scrypt goes, maybe look at clevermining. its also PPS (my peference as my rigs go up and down), and is not too bad. (part of me thinks they followed Prohashing as their system is similar) tho i BELIEVE they only pay in BTC (but use same coin switching profit alg) . I only started using them, but as a backup ive been happy


I use this for my gridseed on nicehash with no issues:

You just need to remember to add #xnsub on the end of the pool url, e.g.:

url" : “stratum+tcp://”,


at the moment, my Furys are hashing at, grabbing some more POTCoin before that gig is up. The pool has been stable for as long as I’ve been using it, over a year.

Prohashing yields slightly better results though…


I can’t seem to find the connection info for only mining POT on Can you give me some help on that, please?

[EDIT] Nevermind… I found it lol [EDIT]