They did - both in their forums a few days ago and on Twitter. Maybe you can send them your phone number and they can call you personally and ask for permission when they need time to do maintenance? Perhaps you could even give them VPN access to your rigs to monitor them for you to make sure you are well cared for?


Seriously though… who runs rigs they are counting on for income and don’t have good backup pools in place?


I don’t own the rigs just the hashpower. There were issues with the failover. But realistically ProHashing could have just added it to the login page
THEY are the real issue THEY are the business we ARE the CUSTOMER. Simply as that.


You mean like this - right on their home page???

Take responsibility for your own actions dude.

Mining pools are communities more than they are businesses in many ways. The pool owners / admins and the miners are partners - and communication works both ways in partnerships.




Price has dropped since they came back, down to 0.15 BTC/GH. I think that happened last time they had maintenance.
On the plus side, nicehash is paying 0.31 BTC/GH for the last two days :smile:


I think that figure is retrospective anyway - so less because of the downtime.


Nope - it’s higher than before they went offline. I just checked. I’m due so far today for about 10% more than the last full day there. The $/MH number on the website takes into account the time offline as a ‘0’ figure against that time. My guesstimate is .000331/MH/Day for the day today.


Anyone else notice this today?
I had just pointed 680 mhash over to prohashing and all was well for a few minutes.
An hour later I check back and no coins had been found for 50 minutes. prohashing pool was still active and my miners hashing away full power. I changed back to Westhash, but still haven’t seen any increase in payout from that “lost” time.

Chart shows an obvious “GAP”, where no ones hashrate was being credited.

Don’t see any mention on the twit, nor forum.


arg happened to me too, all a sudden no shares in 58 mins!!! blarg… switch pools… going back there now… blah…


anyone around here to help, got me an X13 thunder im thinking of pointing here…
I need some help tho, cant seem to get the whole process/sequence down to get it fired up and dont know where to point to for pool?
using bfgminer on linux machine (ubuntu), my little ants work just fine, but the scrypt x13 cant get going, anyone have the .bat file? or some instructions on how to setup a x13 zeus scrypt 28mhs machine?


prohashing is scrypt only @cryptosmack :frowning:


right, i realize that rootdude, i have the zeus x13 thunder scrypt


You mean an X3 not X13 :smile:


yes, i mean x3 not x13… lol


Anyone know what happened to prohashing?




They got hit hard, 3 days down already.


Makes you wonder if all Prohashing’s push and recent public support for SegWit isn’t what brought on such an attack???:bulb:
It’s really a shame if that was the case!


Crypto is still in the far west age, shoot down any opponents if it’s in your way or didn’t share the same view.


DDoS Attack details and after-math