Project SkyHook BitCoin ATM $999


Do you guys know anything about this?
Looks like a sub $1000 BTC ATM
But I can’t find anything NEW on them,


Nope, maybe @Vizique knows them?

Site looks real, check out their twitter there is lots of pictures from different places with the thing operating. It sure is very cheap but it’s small and I suppose a raspberry would do the trick to handle transactions. Add a cash dispenser or BTC receipt printer and you’ve got your ATM.

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Yeah Skyhook have been around a while now.
Cheap, cheerful, does the job of a 1 way cash in BTC out ATM just fine.
They’re about the simplest you can get.

They’re great as a cybercafe launch machine. My personal preference for BTM’s is 2 way machines, as people are more likely to buy in on impulse if they believe they can cash out just as easily.

Verdict: Skyhooks are great for roadshow events, cyber cafes and the like. real value in ATM’s comes from 2 way traffic and the services on the machines, just like bank ATM’s really.

The machines we will be deploying this year are 2 way and have Point of Sale screens built in as well so we can sell stuff thru the device as well as buy/sell BTC.

I haven’t seen any recent news on Skyhook so would recommend contacting them if that’s your preference


Yea that was my problem, I couldn’t find anything new on them. Everything seems to be 90 days to 6 months old and we all; know in the crypto world that’s a life time. I really have an issue with companies that have all the social media outlets and can’t even make a post for 6 months lol
Thanks for the info.
If you have any info on any other Crypto ATM companies that are legit let me know. I have a guy that has 25 locations across the Midwest and he wants to put them in his locations. So I though I would ask around.
Thanks again.


No Problem

I know the ZenBox ATM is backed by Brock Pierce, the Genesis1 ATM that bitcoin42 (alec) punts out is good but they’re both huge and pricey.

Lamassu are very well built and designed. They do 1 and 2 way and are great looking and feeling bits of kit. The main issue I have with them is a small screen which limits theirpotential. But at $12k I believe for a complete 2 way rig excluding import taxes etc. they’re a good choice all the same. They’re one of the best “Box” type very simple BTM’s around. General Bytes is another good example and their recent tie in with Coinkite is worth investigating if you have an enterprise customer looking for a solution.

My personal choice for the EU market and Dubai is bitXatm. They have ATM and POS on so complete many possible roles.

Costs? Depends which side of the water you are. Lamassu and bitXatm for the EU market are ideal. Exporting them to the USA may incur some heavy taxes for importing but do check and don’t take my word for that. USA based providers of course may be able to provide better value overall making the choice of ZenBox or Genesis1.

There are others but these are the ones that I am familiar with and have some understanding and reference of.

Two other things to remember when dealing with these items.

  1. Insurance for the Hardware and the cash inside it AND the person collecting and managing it.
  2. Installation: Costs of survey, costs of engineer to do it and cost of equipment to affix or bolt down (i.e Hilti bolts), cost to make location clean after install … details… devil reside here… :wink:


Thanks for the feedback @Vizique. :+1:

I can see how this doesn’t give much confidence in the company or the product. Did you try emailing them to find out if they are still actively providing support for their ATM in case someone buys one?

I heard good things about the Lamassu not only from you. Question though, did you get a chance to use one of those systems yet from an administrative / owners point of view? I’m sure they must have some sort of back-office or other UI for managing them.


Lamassu… no, but i have used one and set one up to a network… that UI was simple enough to get it going.

Not yet, although having seen it and getting reports from people that have used one, it appears to work well.
We’re about to go to Germany to meet the guys as it goes, so our Lead Dev can meet their team and discuss the platform we are creating to go on top of their system. They’re affable people :smile: and willing to help. The system can be customised for you.

The bitXatm BO is here…


Awesome. Let me know how it went in Germany please. I’m liking those BitXatm’s. Been doing some reading up and a bit of googling.


Will do !!



That’s very nice. The only point that catches my eye is that those BTM’s are obviously build for indoor use only. I wouldn’t place one of them in an outside location or an location available / facing the outside.

The BTM itself and their UI is awesome. It seems to be very intuitive and easy to use.


Aye, not an outdoor bit of kit, one to be bolted/affixed securely.

In malls, cafés, bookshops, tour operator offices, all good. Location location location as they say.

With good location, good insurance, good security (bolted down) and a clear notice stating funds cleared each day and an internal threshold for notes to limit risk. A few ideas.