Protect Your Electronics


Warning - The following is the announcement of the end of the world as we know it. :smile:

As everyone prepares for the next massive solar flare to wipe out all electronic equipment on earth, you can know when to take cover and build yourself your own Faraday Cage ( by watching a truly GEEKY website that tracks interstellar storms and other spare-related weather events.

[Resolved] Cloud and Ledger Temporarily Down

When is the next one hitting?


@wpstudio there is a theory going around stating that in the next 4-5 years there will be such a massive solar flare that will allegedly hit the northern hemisphere for 3 days without much protection that I wouldn’t worry to much about this one. :slight_smile:

Scientists however claim that we’re at least 50-60 years away from that event. I guess time will show.


Building a farady cage into the fabric of your house sounds like a great idea until your try and use your mobile phone :smiley:


They also sell paint that makes your walls a faraday cage. There is also, I believe, signal blocking curtains, both of these are really meant for businesses to lessen the stray signals your sharing with the world, but it might also work to lessen the effect of the em from a solar flare. There is also another very simple strategy to protect electronics from an em pulse or wave… Wait for it… wait for it…

Turn them off before it hits…


that’s why I am driving Matra and Simca cars. No emp is ever going to immobilize them ■■■■■■■… :wink:


As an IT guy, the sooner electronics are wiped out the better. It will be interesting to see what the “people” do without the Internet, TV, electricity and gasp cryptocurrency, expecially Paycoin (sorry had to add that)…


^^ :slight_smile:

Wait, what? You mean we won’t see the majority of people at the bus terminal, at the train station, at lunch starring at their phones any more because updating their facebook status is more important than having a chat over lunch with your friends?

Yes please!!


Hmm you will be waiting a long time at those places. No more bus nor more train…


Sure spend thousands to protect those electronics, only to realize there is no more electricity anymore, priceless :astonished:


True but we’ll still have restaurants thanks to cooking with gas or plain fire in the stove. So perhaps people will talk to each other again over lunch and dinner instead of chatting with their friends on fb, twitter and co while ignoring the people at their table. Oh and the parents… beware them having to take care of their kids again while having dinner instead of giving them a tablet so they can watch a couple of cartoons and shut dafaark up.


Better rethink that, unless your restaurant’s have their own livestock and garden, not much is going to happen in a world without electricity, GPS, communication. I would bet most trucking/rail or cargo companies would not be able to last more then 7 days in a situation like that/ Let alone getting fuel to move anything they actually had on hand…


Yeah I know I’ve been speaking in theory. Obviously we wouldn’t have soooo many restaurants living in caves and stuff but hey… nobody said that you can’t serve food on a wooden plate :slight_smile:


Me trusty .45 needs no electricity, perfect VISA card substitute.


… unless you meet someone with a better… ummm… card substitute.




I was thinking along the lines of AK-47 or M-16 but this works too :smile:


And to think… I started this thread only because I thought the NOAA website on space storms was cool. LOL


Groundhogs beware!
They are all air rifles but the one in the middle is a .45 caliber and could do some serious damage.

Only issue is you have 3 good shots before you need to pump it back up :smile:
Nothing like a hollowpoint pure lead slug coming at you with 3,000 PSI of pressure behind it.


Just send the better half out for the groceries.