Protonmail - Encrypted Email Service


Has anyone else here got a protonmail account?

It just struck me that it’d be worth opening it up again and seeing if there’s been any updates because I’ve seen and heard nothing about them recently. Service is still in Beta mode, so attachments aren’t encrypted, but straight protonmail - protonmail emails are auto encrypted and emails to anyone outside of protonmail can be encrypted when you send it, with a password hint if you don’t have a pre agreed password with the person you are sending mail to.

The only downside to that is that the return emails, when someone replies to you, aren’t encrypted.

Still, a valuable service, imo. It also auto deletes emails after 30 days and having tried searching for old emails through all the junk I’ve got in Yahoo and Gmail I can honestly say that’s probably one of my favourite things about this service. Anything important can be recorded and kept elsewhere, so no need for clutter :slight_smile:


I have a Protonmail account. Got on board a while back during their indiegogo campaign. They are definitely still developing it. I really like the concept and am a big fan of encrypted messengers. Not that I have much to hide, but I greatly value privacy. The government doesn’t have the right to invade my personal conversations. If I was doing illegal activities, then by all mean, tap and hack my communications. But I am just a little nerd from Pennsylvania…ha! Can’t wait for them to get their iOS and Android apps up and running.


Don’t have an account with them but I use Enigmail for Thunderbird to encrypt / de-crypt mails.


Tha’s an interesting looking option, however, if a Layman wanted to use an encrypted mail system without learning how to use something that requires a manual, then protonmail works right out of the box, using a UI that makes it quick and simple to encypt messages. For that reason, I reckon once they come out of beta they’ll be very very popular, especially in the world of small business


It is VERY simple to use. It is just like a normal email service. I agree with you. Because of this ease of use, when they come out of beta I see a very good chance of some mass adoption.


I almost forgot. I got MyMail-Crypt for Gmail as well. :slight_smile:


Any service simple to use entails compromises that affect your security. Protonmail’s own blog notes that their service is not NSA proof. According to Snowden using PGP with at least a 4096 bit RSA key strength is your best protection right now. If you use PGP to encrypt your sensitive mail the choice of email provider is less critical but I would still look for one that links the least amount of metadata to your email.


I completely understand that. I don’t always think of privacy as keeping away from the NSA. There are other reasons for privacy. Keeping banking and other information on lock down or even business secrets and design ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I have the PGP encryption as well. Thing is that family members, friends and the non-techy alike have no desire to setup and use PGP. So I would prefer to use a lesser encrypted service than none at all.

I feel that a simple to use encrypted email service is needed to get the masses to adopt encryption. Once they see the benefits of that, they may be more inclined to dig deeper into a more secure form of encryption.

And it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that 4096 bit RSA key PGP can be cracked as well.

So all in all and unfortunately, the most easy to use service is going to be the one that gets adopted the quickest. It may not be the most secure, crack proof implementation of email encryption, but it is MUCH better than nothing at all.

And as I finish typing this, my iPGMail iOS app is updating,ha!


I never really had to worry about the NSA. If they really have nothing better to do than to un-encrypt the stuff I deem sensible than so be it. Sure wont get me a room in Guantanamo. A 2048 key will be sufficient for any avg user unless you’re planning to assassinate a head of state or buy some weapons grade plutonium.

I’m not even sure if you can buy plutonium with bitcoin, haven’t tried it yet :slight_smile:


Interesting! LOL! Maybe a sustainable, clean energy source for GetHashing Cloud Mining?