Purging assets on GHXchange


Coins in question on GHXChange

I do realize that many folks around here know these assets are useless and should not buy , but there’s those that are new and looking for something to invest in.

Keeping these coins around on a reputable exchange only gives “ponzi” credibility to the exchange.

is there anyway we can

1 - remove these assets completely ?
2 - if removal isn’t feasible, can we have them removed from GHXchange


Do we have a post that we can make sticky for the newbies that says something like ‘Don’t be a sucker and buy these outdated assets’ or sumit?


Those Assets have been disabled for the GHxchange not for the other parts of cloud. Open orders for those assets have been removed.


Could almost add ASIC to the list as well.



or perhaps some kind of “pay rating” could be added to those assets…


Asic was run by gotram to manage payouts from the second-time-defunct LTCgear wasn’t it?


Yes it was ran thru him, however his website shows that he’s OOS

but it’s been a while since “asic” or “got” has paid and until at least we have connected with him I would say they should be removed.

Edit: you prolly asking what does “OOS” on his site has todo with the inventory on GHXchange, well most of those “asic” on the GHXChange was from his accounts (I suspect) as he was selling these on different fronts.


Its been a while since a few asset owners have paid!


Let’s make sure MACM is in that list, too. He ran off some time ago.


Can we please add the following coins to this list?


I would also say to include CCB in that list.



Yeah, I missed that one.


It was brought to my attention that DMT is still paying out. But it looks like the payouts are only being funded by GHX as the rest of the assets tied to it are dead ( there may be another good one, but I honestly haven’t looked close enough ) so DMT may not require a purge at the moment


yeah… good point… DMT is still paying.

however what of the others listed , can they be removed ?


We would also want to purge GHCorp, that asset is dead as its purpose never came to fulfilment.


GHCorp is dead now? Crap, I bought a bunch of those from AnimoEsto when he was selling them. :frowning:


GHTeam is not dead. GHCorp is. 2 assetts


Oh, ok. My payments show as being GHCorp and not GHTeam. That’s why I was confused.

That said, it would be cool to find out some info about the assets. That way we know what’s driving the income behind them.


That’s what you get for buying random things from people on the Internet!


@Daffy, @nemesio is it possible to have CCB removed from the exchange.