Q&A with RootDude


Greetings Folks -

This thread is reserved for a Q&A I have announced over at HT. Please refrain from posting any objectionable or abusing materials (or memes). While I’m sure we’d all have a good laugh, I’m trying to keep this thread strictly professionally handled without a ton of drama or other noise.

It’s been relayed to me that the main reason there are ANY people left as customers is that even if some HT’ers stray onto BCT, Reddit, etc. they end up ignoring the information because it is strewn with objectionable comments and material. I’m trying to remove that barrier with this thread (starting clean and will remain so).

All that said, let’s see what we can do to shed some light on the situation with GAW / Paycoin, etc.


If there’s any need on questions/answers with Paycoin. Please ping @huey. I’ll step in and provide answers where I can, if i know the answers.


Well, I don’t know if anyone will make it here afterall. I was unbanned this morning at the request of @rdewilde and others, updated my thread to include a link to this thread for continued discussions, then banned again (I can only suppose Mr. Garza did it himself to avoid anyone really getting any truthful answers). I’ll be around if anyone makes it here to actually ask any questions, though.


Shocking turn of events…Gonzo would never ban anyone…


If the link is deleted, I’ll throw it back up. They seemed like they wanted to chat with you and to have this thread. A couple PM’s to those people and they will spread the word.


I lifted the lock on @jporter’s account in case he would like to join the Q&A.

CC: @suchmoon


Already did…



@rootdude, did you mention somewhere that you helped @jporter to prepare some of the announcements back in the day? If so, which ones? Anyone else involved in that? How crypto-literate @jporter really is in your opinion? Can he install a local XPY wallet? Transfer funds to Cryptsy? “Manage” a Prime Controller? Fork the coin?


My 0.2 GHX…

A He doesn’t know basic terminology
B Most likely. Not sure about adding nodes, coin control or other "fancy stuff"
C Absolutely
D No
F I LOL’ed


Hey Such

I mentioned that over at HT last night. I’d say most of them once people started commenting about how well written they were :wink: Seriously, though, I’d say between October and December (the last one I did, I think was in early December). Homero, Chris, Jessica (yes, she participated), Dan sometimes, rarely Joe and Eric.

He is generally illiterate, but reasonably competent with his knowledge of crypto. Certainly enough to use install and use a wallet. If someone told him what to do, he’d be able to perform any functions required so I wouldn’t put it beyond him to be able to cut and paste a key in a text file (Prime Controller). Any development was far beyond his intelligence or capabilities - so forking would be out of the question (as would compiling).


Thank you. I was trying to reconcile his recent blabber about being taken advantage of due to his lack of knowledge and at the same time suggesting to fork to a “community owned” coin.

A few more :smile:

What was he telling his “inner circle” back in November-December about the $20 floor, Amazon, etc? Was it any different from what he was saying publicly? Any other red or slightly pink flags in hindsight?


I have a question. What was the precise point in time or event that made you realize GAW / Josh / XPY was not what you were led to belive it was?


@rootdude I saved a copy of your post (probably only partial with about 29 replies) “Hello - my name is Rootdude” in case you didn’t want to re-type everything here


I’ll be watching the thread as well… occasionally. I’ll answer questions as I can as well. Why not…


Greetings Jude -

1/9/2015 @ 5:23PM was the precise time my concerns about the unethical sale of pre-mined coins was confirmed by @jporter / @GAWCEO / @mrceo. I received a response to an email I sent earlier that day asking for confirmation of @vancefox’s blockchain excavation showing that Homero Joshua Garza had, indeed, sold pre-mined coins to people purchasing XPY with credit cards from the paybase website. His response was dismissive and he seemed unconcerned about the consequences of doing this. The content and tone of his response told me all I needed to know about his unethical behavior - and from that point on, I quickly proceeded to exit XPY and sell any ZenCloud ‘assets’ I had. Further, this was the beginning of my campaign to educate HT’ers about Homero Joshua Garza’s scam / fraud.

Note: If you look through the email archives released by Dan Pease for those dates you’ll find the full text of my email I sent him and his response. I highly recommend doing so.