Quatloo Trader Arbitrage Asset?


I have started arbitraging with quatloo.
I am curious as to the interest if I were to launch an asset backed by the arbitrage.


You know that might be a good idea. Then maybe the ones here using Quatloo could join in. Maybe a group arbitrage asset?


How would this work? What benefit does this have over 1 person doing the trading? Keep in mind that to unlock the 3 way arb, all traders would have to hold 20k qtl.

I am open to it, if we can make it work. Figure out how to track the funds, keep the coins and btc as evenly split between the traders as possible, etc.


interesting. Its a great idea.


Both ideas sounds interesting.

It would also be interesting if you’d keep some kind of trading diary here so noobs at market arbitrage and quatloo trading software such as myself can learn a thing or two from your examples.


If there is enough interest, I might go ahead and create the asset later today. I am also thinking over how to track everything. I also need to decide what my time is worth monitoring the bot.


just a log of all trades would be enough to track everything or would you need anything else?


I am not sure. I could probably get away with not logging much, only keeping track of the beginning and ending balance of btc for the earnings/dividends. There are other considerations as well, you need to keep a balance of the coins your arbing as well as BTC for the buy/sell to work. There is also the dividend amount, I need to make sure that there is enough btc being earned for each dividend period (likely weekly) to be worth issuing dividends.


Quatloo Trader folks have been talking about implementing a ‘Team Trading/Arbitrage’ feature in future versions so it might not be that far fetched




I went ahead and launched. The ticker is ARBX, you can find the thread here