Questions about future plans, farm ideas, and colocate stuff


In an effort to separate out questions about what GetHashing is doing? Suggestions from the community and other requests. Please use this area and several community members (and also team members) will work hard to answer questions.

GHcoin Payouts & Discussion Thread - Old Thread
GHcoin Payouts & Discussion Thread - Current
GHcoin Payouts & Discussion Thread - Current

I’d like to start this thread with a simple appeal and explanation. GetHashing is currently run by volunteers. There are no salaries and the only payments made to the team is the shared mining power owned (GHX and some Hashnest from the Proof of Concept) and other small perks that are designated for the team (portion of GHExchange).

I personally own some GHCorp assets (purchased from a team member) and the payouts are lower than most mining. There is absolutely zero point in accusing any team members of taking profit, it’s just not true, and holding GHX would have made them more money (as is the model).

I’ve volunteered to help with this thread because I keep an extremely close eye on the payouts, farm graphs, etc, so I am usually on some level aware of what is happening. However, I am not a member of the GHTeam, and therefore it may take me a while to get information on questions. I use the term “we” fairly often because this is crowd-mining, but I am only a holder of GHX.

I will do my best, and I think that having a few people serve as community points of contact will be better for information flow.

So here is the appeal:

  1. Please post simple questions, not lengthy paragraphs. I will do my best to answer any question, but it’s a lot easier if you are asking for a number. If I can’t answer a question, I will try to talk to personally talk to someone who can or provide the reasoning of why I can’t answer. For instance, GH cannot disclose electric rates or other contract information with the DC. That’s just the way things work with companies, and the DC we work with is a company.

2.Please be patient. It’s fine to post asking for an update if something hasn’t been answered in a day or two, but usually it will be because I’m waiting on information. In some cases we will also be waiting on a decision, and I’ll do my best to give a timeline for when an answer can be expected.


First bit of information: 9 of the 11 S7’s we had on order are now up. 2 PSUs are delayed in shipping. New hash-rate is visible on the GHFarm graphs at


ok, let me start with a simple question which has certainly been answered, but the previous old thread most likely buried that answer under lots of “noise”:

When is payday?

GHcoin Payouts & Discussion Thread - Current

Sundays are the payout days currently. This is due to the fact that daily payouts could not be performed due to the small amounts of btc mined were too small to send (dust) for holders of only a couple GHX.

Or did you mean when do we expect to be profitable again?



Something new just showed up on the GetHashing Menu…

(sneaky sneaky… still got a few things to edit… like providing examples for if you want to colocate X amount of certain miners… etc)


Just wondering, what SEO terms are used for the site - I google Get Hashing and I get the forum, slack and a couple of other bits, but doesn’t feature in the first couple of pages

edit got as far as page 5 & still no mention - is it being held back from the search engines?


Bob… I’m actually working on this part of the site this week.


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I tried to visit the old thread but I found a long fight and didn’t feel like going through it.
Can anyone please summarize the current status of GHX and why there has been no payouts for a while, and the underlying assets currently backing the coin?

Thanks in advance


The whole point of splitting the thread was to not have that in the payout thread. We’ll be happy to work through those questions here:


Responding to @j0eam question about current state of payouts, farm status, etc from payout thread:

The short form (feel free to ask other questions if necessary) is that the GHFarm is currently not profitable, and thus payouts are 0 right now and we’re not even reclaiming the cost of running every week.

An upgrade to more efficient hardware is in progress. This is a long process since GH doesn’t generate much if any revenue, so selling old hw and buying new hw is an iterative thing.

The new hardware doesn’t solve the problem, because there are fixed costs with renting the DC. We don’t pay for the power we use, we pay for the power on the contract. So the goal is to get more power in (hopefully through GHColocate) in order to generate more BTC and spread the fees over more hardware.


To help with this issue I pasted in the most recent GHcoin post (from 4 days ago) in the new GHcoin Payout discussion thread so as to avoid as much confusion as possible. Hope that helps as we move forward.


Could you please delete my account, changing the thread just because people asked some questions is a blight on this asset. Please delete my account NOW!


Changing threads had nothing to do with people asking questions. We split off two different conversations. Questions are welcome here. We don’t delete/edit anything on this forum unless it violates the three rules. (No p0rn, no doxing, no personal attacks) If people no longer want to be a part of the GetHashing community they are welcome to leave.


wtf is with all those deletion requests?

are you all so happy to turn yer backs on this community now that times are becoming harder?

Seriously, I had much higher opinions of a lot of you guys.

Sad to see how hard times change people.


The real question is how much GHX do most of the folks complaining actually own?
Some I know have zero.

As has been previously stated there is nobody forcing folks who don’t want to be here to stay. We are doing the best job we can of of answering questions (once, not 7 times in 3 different places…) and actually fixing stuff.

Folks are welcome to take a break and come back if they like. Their accounts will still be here when they do :+1:

[Site Down/Stopped Payouts] Assets Payout Thread

This is exactly what I suggest people do as we move, swim, run, dance, and :surfer: through a lot of difficult situations.
Its sort of like starring at the price of BTC or your favorite alt. It causes emotions to be robust with each minutes movement and sucks a lot of energy out of you! It can make you well… :slight_smile:

Know your limits.Take breaks often. This technology has so many places to be implemented and explored with our community.


Suppose this is the answer