Raspberry Pi 2 - Essential mining accessory


A nice surprise in my news feed this morning. The new Raspberry Pi 2’s are now on sale. The little Pi just got even better :slight_smile:

Raspberry Pi 2 - Quad Core, 1GB RAM


Very cool! I can’t wait to get my hands on a few of these. :smile:


I’ve been using a BananaPi and loved the upgrade over the original RaspberryPi. http://www.bananapi.org/p/product.html


I also like the Banana Pi, but if you think that’s fun, you ought to check out the ODROID U3. I got one as a present, and it’s amazing. :smile:


Oh… a new toy for me. :slight_smile:


I love my U3, I use it for all sorts of stuff. I’m thinking about picking up an XU3 Lite for the 4 extra cores. :smile:


They also get Windows 10 for free :wink:


That’s a neat feature, but I have to say I’m less excited about it, myself. Windows is becoming a decent OS, don’t get me wrong, but unless they’ve added it, there’s not a good remote console. It seems like a waste to pile all that GUI overhead on a perfectly good raspberry pi.


Does anyone know the power consumption of the Pi 2 vs the B+?

As far as windows 10:


Just happened to be reading this article on hackaday


I just so happen to have a FriedCircuits USB current/voltage/power meter sitting around. When monitoring the power consumption of the Raspi 2, there is a slight increase in power consumption over the Raspberry Pi 1.

When booting to a Raspbian desktop, the Raspberry Pi 1 draws about 290mA, dropping to about 250mA once the desktop is loaded. The Raspberry Pi 2 draws about 340mA at boot, dropping to about 270mA once the desktop is loaded. There is a slight increase in current draw from the Raspi 1 to the Raspi 2.

With a few experiments, I did determine the Raspberry Pi 2 will draw up to 500mA under heavy load. That’s the max spec for USB. If your current USB power adapter isn’t great, you might want to get a better one for the Raspi 2.


Thank you! Great find!


Good information. I use several SBCs to host coin wallets. Even at full load, the rPi2 only draws 55W. At my power rate ($0.11/KWh), that’s $0.0066/hr, or $0.16/day. That’s a small fraction of the power draw my primary machine uses. :smile:


Watts = Amps x Volts
Watts = ( Amps = milliamp / 1000) x Volts
Watts = ( Amps = 500mA / 1000) x 5v
Watts = 0.5A x 5v
Watts = 2.5W

1000W = 1kW
2.5W = 0.0025kW


0.0025kW x $0.11 = $0.000275/hr
$0.000275/hr x 24 hrs = $0.0066/day
$0.0066/day x 365 days/year = $2.409/year


I want some of these. They are way marked up already.
The quad core CPU means we will have a good unit for all sorts of mining .
I bet Minera will be awesome on it.


I need a US seller of these that takes Bitcoin.


If you’re looking for raw processing power, check out the ODROID U3 or XU3 Lite. They’re a bit more expensive, but have quite a bit more horsepower. And they’re actually in stock. :smile:

They had the same stock issues with the first rPi. It may be a couple of months before these are commonly available, and possibly longer before they’re available for purchase with Bitcoin. :frowning:


Good Point I remember trying to get them when they first came out it was slooooowwwwwwww.

I will look into the Odroid.
What OS do you use on it and what do you control with it?


Yeah, it took months to get one when they released. :frowning:

I’ve got Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 on it right now. The ODROIDs run a full release OS, so you can put whatever you want on there, as long as it’s got ARM support. I haven’t got any active hardware miners at the moment, so it’s hosting a few wallets, some project services, and is currently my small project development box. I haven’t tried it with an X server yet, so I can’t speak to that, but it’s more than able to handle everything I’ve thrown at it so far.


That rocks.
I might have to get one and get an OS on it.
Lots of fun.


Seems I’m missing out on all the fun topics. I have found that having a 1.2A power brick is essential to have stable operations I usually buy the 2A version to be sure. If you add some USB stuff it’s really needed even though USB keyboard mouse or wifi adaptor don’t pull much current a minimum of 1.2A is recommended. The specs say a 750mA is enough but I found that is not the case the RPI becomes quite unstable with those power bricks.