Referral Coin (REFCOIN)


3 weeks ago @lothendriel and I launched
The response from the community has been great. To thank everyone who is and will be a part of the growing colored coin/open asset economy we bring you REFCOIN. REFCOIN can not be purchased, we will be issuing REFCOIN as an affiliate bonus, coin holders will receive 25% of the dividends accrued from the assets holds for resale. Coins and dividends will be issued on the first of the month in that order. Each 0.01btc of affiliate sales will earn you 1 REFCOIN.

Our affiliate page can be found here
We our now using GHCloud to store the assets we resell, you can view the real time balance of our assets here

Community Made Assets (Revenue Generating)

Very nice!

keys, backup them keys :wink:


Nice but should you not be concentrating on increasing the payouts of the other coins instead of diluting the payout by selling more of those like (CSC, ARBX etc)?


Already done, I am also thinking up ways to have some backups with friends/family so that we are truely protected.


this… :wink:


CSC doesn’t dilute, the coins it stakes will stake the same and in fact more often the more coins CSC holds.
ARBX is having some issue that I think will be resolved if they get an update out this weekend for the bot. Its also that time of year when people walk away from the trading and get some fresh air, I expected may and likely june to be a bit slow for ARBX but it will pickup when the temperature does.

Thats enough of off topic’ish. Back on to REFCOIN.


Yes, but I do have at least 1 person I would trust with my life, if I sent him an encrypted thumbdrive with a request to keep it safe, I do believe it would be ok.


My brother and sister would fight and die for me so I could trust them with backups. They’d look at me and shrug at whatever I was saying like “Ok it sounds like gibberish to me but I’ll lock it up”. My siblings are cool like that :wink:

[EDIT] I love my bubby and sissy … and yes you just heard a grown man say bubby and sissy LOL [EDIT]


This is why family is great :+1:
Also the fact that that thumbdrive is essentially worthless to anyone who doesn’t know a thing about crypto.


Family goes a long way.

@rdyoung you’re right. I have a buddy two whom I would trust with my life (or my cash)… maybe two but that’s about it.


Your family too? Ha!