Requirements to be allowed to use GHcloud


You all know I posted this before in regards to other web applications so here goes.

From this moment on all members logging into GHcloud need to fulfill one requirement.

The keyboard used to enter GHcloud MUST NOT contain an F5 key.


my keyboard has an F55 key
10 times the refreshes in the same time
now that’s efficiency


Hmm I think your calculator is broken. That’s 11 times.


But…But… How then should we spend our Friday evenings… With beer and friends??


Buy some Daffy Coin(s)? :slight_smile:


Link please, sir!

And apologies for breaking GHcloud with my f5. I assume there’s more to it than the asset page thing? Because if that’s the only nuisance, I could make myself useful for a change and try and find an event handler that could do the trick?


It’s not about an event handler it’s about latency everything is done in the background and the page reload before the data is available. Blockstrap is a bad sort of framework for those kind of things. But really you don’t need any F5 action there are refresh buttons all over the place and it auto-refreshes.



You mean like… pretending that there is an entire world “out there”?



There is. I went there once.

It was terrible.


pics or it didn’t happen.

What you saw was a projection wrapped around you by the Matrix. You step beyond it and you’ll fall into the big nothing.



Oh, how I wish I lived in the Matrix. It would be fun breaking reality. :smile:

while [ 1 ]


Reality is broken enough as it is. You just want to be plugged in because of her.

I know the guy who designed her. I’ll hook you up for a couple of BTC :slight_smile:


But not broken enough in my favor. :smile:

Nah, that’s cool. I’ll just grab a torrent. :wink:


You’ve got a point :slight_smile:


Ok that does it you are not allowed anywhere near a computer anymore.


But I like computers. :frowning:


…logs on to the back-end and suspends @quigley’s account… oh wait… no can do :frowning:


Mwahahaha, once again freedom and transparency defeats the righteous, and enables evil! :smiling_imp:


My F5 key is actually an FU key.

I really love what you guys have going on here. You know how many other lazy greedy sloppy hasher clouds I waded through to find something like this? Nicely done.